Oh Crap. How Much for GT6 Micro-Transactions?

Sit down. You're probably not going to like this very much at all.

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Oh Crap. How Much for GT6 Micro-Transactions?
Gran Turismo 6 is out on Friday 6th on PS3. It's the classic car racing game for the PlayStation. It's always quite the achievement. But wow, it's now caught a huge bout of micro-transactions.

The prices for packs of credits to be used in-game in the event that you don't earn enough actual points from driving well go from the 'Not great' to the "Why even bother learning to drive"? range. Check out the details below:

500,000 In-Game Credits (3.99/?4.99)
1 Million In-Game Credits (7.99/?9.99)
2,500,000 In-Game Credits (15.99/?19.99)
7 Million In-Game Credits (39.99/?49.99)

The news came as part of the PSN Store update today. Watch the video for more.

Source: Sony


Person 4 Dec 2013 20:15
It works out cheaper to buy two sets of 500,000 credits than a single set of 1,000,000. Because of this I will burn everything I own which is made by Sony.
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