Guerrilla: The Sony of Today is Different From The Sony of Five Years Ago

Better communication between developers.

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Guerrilla: The Sony of Today is Different From The Sony of Five Years Ago
Sony has changed its attitudes going into the next console generation, and is focusing on better communication between developers and its international offices. That's the opinion of Guerrilla Games' Michiel Van Der Leeuw following the PlayStation 4's announcement, at any rate.

"The Sony of today is a different Sony to five years ago," he said in the latest issue of EDGE Magazine. "I remember communication between the regions wasnít always easy. Youíd be in conflict with SCEI, and getting conversations started with people who actually made the hardware was not as easy as it is now, with them actively seeking support from Worldwide Studios.

"Nowadays when people from SCEI visit, thereís a bunch of people we know by name, we exchange emails. Iím Facebook friends with hardware engineers. Itís a more collaborative process; thereís lots of people thinking about how to make the best out of all the possibilities we have."

Van Der Leeuw added that Guerrilla had a big part to play in the design and development of the PS4 console architecture. Similarly, we already know that Evolution Studios worked with design teams to shape the DualShock 4 controller.

Source: EDGE (via SixthAxis)


ergo 10 Apr 2013 17:41
Yes, primarily that they're completely broke, having squandered their leads in every consumer electronics field since the dawn of the century,which has only accelerated into a fall towards abyssal depths with a very unpleasant landing awaiting them.

(But NINTENDO IS DOOMED....sorry, channeling the gaming media and hardcore gamers.)
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