Resistance Is Not Useless For Sony

You'd never have guessed would you?

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Resistance Is Not Useless For Sony
Cynical spin-doctoring types have, for many years, adhered to the adage: "There ain't no such thing as bad ink". The adage appears to be working out for Sony's PlayStation 3 top-seller, Resistance Fall of Man.

Following the recent run-in with the authorities at Manchester Cathedral regarding a fictional alien vs soldier shoot-out on the premises, the game has picked up more publicity than Paris Hilton becoming a bride of Christ.

Of course, this has stopped the curious gamers from rushing into the shops and sending RFOM straight back to the top of the PS3-only charts in the United Kingdom. Of course it hasn't.

Resistance has indeed returned to the top of the PS3-only charts this week, riding on the back of the 'bad ink'. This has not, however, managed to lever it back into the Top 40 All Formats Charts.

What this says about the great British public and its relationship with the State-approved religious sect is open to question...

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hollywooda 19 Jun 2007 12:48
Bored of this story now, can we turn the page please?....
Zoot Alors 19 Jun 2007 12:58
hollywooda wrote:
Bored of this story now, can we turn the page please?....

Yeah... fancy a story regarding copyright, freedom of expression, church versus people and videogames running for more than a day.

My attention span is hurty now. Me go sleepy-byes and let my civil rights be slowly removed while I watch... Ohhhhh - a shiney thing!

What were we talking about was it... Ohhhhh another shiney thing and this one's got flashing lights!

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Joji 19 Jun 2007 13:22
Of course people will buy, to see what all the fuss is about.

Good of them to support Imsomniac's work anyways. They might need the money if this thing goes to court.
Pat the Cat 20 Jun 2007 13:18
Q. I wonder when Sony will do a game set in a futuristic burnt out version of their own headquarters?

A. The day after they release a game set in the Ka'aba, Mecca.
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