Wipeout and Motorstorm Devs to Merge

It was always the intention says Sony.

Posted by Staff
Wipeout and Motorstorm Devs to Merge
Senior vice president of Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, has come to the fore and stated that Wipeout developer, Studio Liverpool will merge with Motorstorm maker, Evolution. In fact, he states that this was "always the intention".

Speaking to gamesindusty regarding such a merger, Denny says, "Yes, it was always the intention with them being in the same geographic location and working so closely together, it would be ideal if they could be housed at some point within the same site, but it's not happening overnight."

The teams have in fact already been working with each other on Motorstorm Pacific Rift. Studio Liverpool, "helped on MotorStorm", says Denny. The devs are now under the same roof and the same management.


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