SingStar PS2 Tracks Not Unlockable For PS3

Buy them again or play the PS2 version

Posted by Staff
Speaking to The Melbourne Age newspaper's Jason Hill recently, SingStar Game Director, Paulina Bozek, had to break the news that gamers buying the forthcoming version of her game for PlayStation 3 will not be able to use tracks they've previously bought for PS2.

Bozek told The Age, "It's very tough to know what songs a person owns and be able to ensure that they aren't passing the disc around to their friends and all downloading the songs for free. But of course you can still enjoy your PS2 SingStar discs on your PS3."

She also points out that that SingStore and SingStore Online will be, "...a bit like ITunes meets MySpace, so there is a lot of scope to add great community features. We also have ideas and plans for new gameplay."



DoctorDee 21 May 2007 15:04
One of the best features SingStore could have would be to remember what songs people have bought and paid for so they don't have to frickin pay for them again.
Teo 17 Jun 2008 17:22
Well I bought various SingStar PS2 discs and I'd like very much the "select" button function that can swap discs without quitting.
Why Sony didn't add this function use PS2 songs on PS3 Singstar?
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