Sony Working On New Manga Franchise - Bleach Revealed

Hollow spirits, soul burials and more...

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Sony Working On New Manga Franchise - Bleach Revealed
It has been revealed today that Sony is working on a videogame adaptation of the manga series –Bleach.

No gameplay details have been etched out at this point, but the premise of the comic itself points firmly at the kind of thing that could sensibly be expected. Conforming to some of the more popular themes within manga, Bleach will carry a full quota of teenagers, demons and crazy weaponry.

The Tite Kubo comic tells the tale of 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki. He had been going about his usual adolescent activities when one day he bumped into a goddess of death. Naturally, her supernatural powers were immediately transferred to his good self, cursing/blessing him with the ability to see ghosts. The logical course of action, obviously, was to set about finding Hollows (or lost spirits, to the layman) and performing some soul burials. So that, presumably, is the task that will also be laid out in the game.

As soon as any extra details present themselves, more news may follow.


Joji 31 Aug 2004 15:55
Bleach manga is pretty good from what I hear and is available in english from u.s publisher Viz (not related in any way, shape, or form to the u.k top shelf foul mouthed comic Viz).

This game is most likely to sell to fans of the popular manga, especially after Square Enix are due to clean up with Full Metal Alchemist series of anime, manga and games. Makes good sense I guess.
arexkun 31 Aug 2004 18:30

I got that from Shonen Jump, the Japanese Comic Anthology unwhich Bleach is published.
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Funky 31 Aug 2004 22:57
Ohh.... great... a manga game.... just what we all wanted...
Joji 1 Sep 2004 12:39
Come on dude, can't be that bad. You can buy the game and book if you want to know more than the game tells you. Bleach manga is actually a good read, but even if I say so I'm sure you won't investigate it.

The option is there if you want it, and I'm sure Sony will be laughing all the way to the back just like Square Enix.
I also suspect Sony may want a slice of this cross promotional pie S.E and Nintendo (with F Zero GP Legend game and tv series) have been eating. You might see more of this again in the future.

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