Killzone And SOCOM To Be Playable At E3

PSP Store content hinted

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Sony's potential PlayStation 3 killer-app' first-person shooter, Killzone 2, will be playable at E3 between July 11th and 13th in the United States. As will the next episode in the SOCOM series, SOCOM: Confrontation

Speaking about the two titles in a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment’s senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, said:

Yeah. I think all the stuff you can have playable at E3. And then the one we’ve been holding back on is Killzone, so it’s a good reason for you to come to E3, because we’ll have some updates on that. By all means, you need to save something to keep people interested.

Killzone 2's been noticably absent in the games press of late, despite the fact that the title's been known about for two years now.

The news also offers hope for those of us who'd resigned ourselves to the new, scaled-down E3 consisting purely of people in suits holed up in hotel rooms with little sparkle to catch our eye.

Dille also hinted a little more on what we should expect from the recently announced PSP Store. Asked whether the service will feature music and movies, Dille responded,

“We were a little bit coy about revealing all of the plans, but I think all of the above... The missing ingredient for us has been making it easier for consumers to get video content or music content to the PSP, because the device has this awesome technical playback capability, awesome screen built for video and yet we don’t make it terribly easy for people to access any content.”

For more on the Guerrilla Games-developed Killzone 2 head over to SPOnG's dedicated game page, then rinse and repeat for SOCOM: Confrontation..

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