Sony: No UMD Passport for the US

Won't follow Japan's lead.

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Sony: No UMD Passport for the US
Have a PSP? Holding out on the UMD Passport program that will allow you to transfer your PSP disc games over to the upcoming PlayStation Vita? Well, if you live in the US, you're out of luck - Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that there will be no UMD Passport service.

The UMD Passport launched in Japan during the launch of the Vita handheld last year. It was a PSP application that allowed users to place a UMD game into the drive, register it on their PlayStation Network (sorry, Sony Entertainment Network) accounts and pay a small charge to access a downloadable version. This could then be played on your shiny new Vita.

It sounds like the only way to get your PSP games on a Vita is to re-purchase them all over again on the PlayStation Store. SCEA gave no reason as to why it was not launching the UMD Passport program, but if we were betting men we'd say it was because the handheld is relatively dead in the West and initiating such a scheme would be financially unviable.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, for its part, has yet to comment to SPOnG as to its plans on the UMD Passport - but after this news, we wouldn't hold our breath.

Source: Kotaku


DoctorDee 8 Feb 2012 11:18
Why would they set up, at cost to themselves, a system to compensate the purchasers of UMDs in a region where virtually no one bought UMDs? In Japan, where PSP was a success, it makes sense. In the USA - does anyone really care?
deleted 20 Feb 2012 13:40
The only psp owners in the US, have hacked cracked priated whatever you like it and dont own any UMDs.
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