PS Vita Gets Free PlayStation Home Arcade Application

Frogger, Asteroids and more.

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PS Vita Gets Free PlayStation Home Arcade Application
Think PlayStation Home is a waste of time? Well, maybe this will change your mind - Sony is launching a free app for PS Vita called the PlayStation Home Arcade.

Rather than give you the entire social platform (and thus the sheer enjoyment of wandering around aimlessly in odd virtual worlds), the PlayStation Home Arcade simply offers portable versions of the 'arcade classics' found in the larger PS3 application.

The application will launch today for PS Vita users. Once installed, individual games can be downloaded or purchased for direct play. Any arcade purchases made on PlayStation Home on the PS3 will translate to free downloads on your PS Vita, assuming you use the same Sony Entertainment Network ID.

Here's a list of games that will be on offer - some will be free, others will be paid for. Hopefully more will be added over time.

Icebreaker (Free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
WipEout 2D (Free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
Scribble Shooter (Demo available for free) - Sony Computer Entertainment
Frogger - KONAMI
Time Pilot - KONAMI
Asteroids - ATARI
Centipede - ATARI
Astrosmash Gen2 - INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
Shark! Shark! Gen2 - INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
Mad Blocker - Open Emotion


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