First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed

Mainly from Japanese developers...

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SEGA's Puyo Puyo Fever
SEGA's Puyo Puyo Fever
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Following the unveiling of Sony’s PSP the first confirmations of games in progress have been oozing from E3. Although nearly 100 developers have leapt on the wagon, there have been relatively few definite announcements concerning software for the console. However, there have been plenty of hints and working titles suggested, particularly from Japanese developers. Here are some of the games that we can expect to see when the PSP is officially launched:


Vampire Chronicle (working title)
This will be a 2D fighting game similar to the Dreamcast outing, i.e. some form of Dark Stalkers game.

Devil May Cry (working title)
This should test the PSP's graphical prowess to the full.

Viewtiful Joe (working title)
Hopefully, this will be a PSP specific title rather than a straight conversion.


This RPG franchise has been gathering dust in a cupboard for nearly a decade. Soon it will return to PSP.

Metal Gear Acid
Hideo Kojima promises a handheld gaming "revolution" with this one.

Meikyu Tansaku Gata Monster Shooting
If this doesn’t involve shooting monsters, it will be a total cop-out.

A baseball game (untitled)

A soccer game (untitled)
Hang on a sec...A football game from Konami, on PSP? Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution in handheld form would make the world a much better place.


Puyo Puyo Fever
Neat little puzzle games traditionally translate very well to handhelds. Hopefully this will be no exception.

Project S (working title)


A WipEout variant
Anti-gravity, anti-boredom racer.

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile (working title)
As expected.

Sarugetchu (working title)
This is an action game, little more is known as this stage.

Together Everywhere (working title)
This is one of those peculiar ‘chatting’ games that might never leave Japan. Alternatively, it might be software to capitalise on PSP wireless networking, forming some strange new communications device.

Hot Shots Golf (working title)
Known as Minna No Golf in Japan, this is quite obviously a golf game.


Puzzle Bobble
It wouldn't be right to have a handheld without a Taito puzzle game, so here it is.


An RPG of some description.

Ridge Racer
It’s an ageing franchise that’s been on a slippery slope for some time. It will be interesting to see if the PSP can give Namco’s racer a happier home.

A puzzle game [untitled]

Hudson Soft:

The ubiquitous Hudson figurehead will blast onto the PSP as expected.

The Tower Of Purgatory
A rather grandiose sounding RPG, this one. Little more is known at present.


Another RPG, possibly for release in Japan only.

Mobile Suit Gundam
This ought to be the first big mech-blaster for the PSP. No doubt, several more will follow.


Tony Hawk’s Underground sequel will skitch off the back of the PSP launch, and given the success of every THPS game so far, will probably do well.

Spider-man 2
Peter Parker picks PSP.

Electronic Arts:

Need for Speed: Underground, NFL Street and a Tiger Woods golf title.

On top of these, there have been several other games tentatively scheduled for early release. Genki are offering Tokyo Freeway Battle Race; Square Enix will sort out a few RPG's; Koei will bring the Dynasty Warriors franchise along, and there’ll be a sprinkling of Mahjong games and other Japan-only titles.

Check back for all the detailed information about the PSP launch titles as and when they are announced.


Joji 14 May 2004 00:43
Ok, I'm so gonna by one now. Nice list.
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