L.A. Noire Players Notice PS3 Overheating After 3.61 Update

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L.A. Noire Players Notice PS3 Overheating After 3.61 Update
A customer services representative at Rockstar has said that Sony's latest PlayStation 3 software update is the cause for players experiencing freezing issues with L.A. Noire.

"We have received some reports of PS3s overheating while playing L.A. Noire or beeping three times before shutting down/turning themselves off, mostly on older 60GB and 80GB fat models," a statement on the developer's community forums once said.

"This can range from games randomly freezing to PS3s turning off anywhere between 30 mins use to 2 hours. We have confirmed locally that multiple games (Rockstar and non-Rockstar) overheat or freeze only when 3.61 is installed.

"At this time we are recommending contacting Sony directly to report the overheating issue. However, this is not the end of our support; we are continuing to test L.A. Noire on all firmware versions and hardware models to isolate the issues and see what can be done. As always, we will update this article as soon as we have updates."

Rockstar has since removed the forum post, telling MCV that it is not an official statement from the company. Rather, it was posted using information gathered from the European PlayStation forums.


Russ 19 May 2011 17:04
PS3 Fat type - just died playing Black Ops - Has nothing to do with L.A Noire and everything to do with the latest foirmware
miacid 19 May 2011 17:18
I've had my Slim hang and 3 beep reboot on me after long periods on Battlefield BC2, although this has been over the last couple of months (prior to the PSN switch off), I would put it down to just overheating in general but hey, what do I know!
Stonybuk 20 May 2011 18:33
My fat model died too, coincidental that I recently update to the new firmware. Was playing OF Red River - loads of similar reports on the forums of the official Playstation website. NOT HAPPY!
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