Jaffe Responds to Brett Ratner on God of War Movie

Kind of wishes it was Ridley Scott...

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David Jaffe, creator of the God of War series, has sounded off about the decision to put Brett Ratner, director of X-Men 3 and Rush Hour, in charge of directing the GoW movie. In fact, he's done it in video form. SPOnG has the goods below.

In a nutshell, Jaffe kind of wishes it was Ridley Scott or Spielberg, but he's pretty pleased. "I think he makes really entertaining movies", Jaffe uttered. "God of War was designed to be a popcorn video-game", he went on, stating that a director such as Ratner is ideal for a movie of that kind of game. Pre-empting fan criticism, Jaffe also said, "I actually really liked X-Men 3."

Jaffe's also pretty sure Ratner didn't rim anybody to get the job.

Brett Ratner, who mentioned his involvement with the movie in a recent interview, isn't the only name that's been attached to the movie. David Self, writer of the Road to Perdition screenplay and the upcoming Deathlok (both are comics adaptations), is attached to the film for scripting chores.

None of that means to say production will definitely go ahead, however. "I don't think it's an official greenlit movie yet... I don't know", said Jaffe.

You can see his comments in full below.


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