No playable Gran Turismo 4 at this yearís E3?

SCEE insiders doubt Polyphony racers chance of open play Ė must read!

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According to Sony Europe insiders, Gran Turismo 4 will not be playable on the firmís stand this year, in news that comes as a great shock.

From what we have been told, GT4 will be shown either in video form, or behind closed doors to selected press, as the game just wonít be ready in time.

Other details we can reveal at this time include the fact that again, the game will not feature any car damage, surely a shame in this day and age. Then thereís the fact that this instalment will feature more cars and more manufacturers than any other outing. Touted inclusions are Porsche and Ferrari.

The reasoning behind not showing GT4 code was said to be down to the development team undertaking such a massive game. It was confirmed to us that the game will be entirely online, with all players ranked on experience.

This will mean that, in Gran Turismo mode, you will race against other players of the same, or similar experience, from around the world, as you progress through the game. Cars will be tradeable, and the game will include organised tournament races, as well as the ability to ride with other players, enjoying their in-car views.

Arcade mode will feature a globally ranked league of racers, with drop-in and play chatrooms as a back-end.

And itís this that has caused the development delay. Gran Turismo 4 is going to be the perfect racer, in every sense, and its scale is proving to be a bit of a problem, at least in terms of delivering a playable version for this May.

Indeed, we have been told that the game is likely to be out in Japan in mid 2004, leaving us to presume that the European version will arrive several months after.

Of course, weíll bring you more on this massive story as we get it.


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