Japanese Chart: Persona Win Leads to Vita Sales Boost

Lollipop Chainsaw performs well.

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Japanese Chart: Persona Win Leads to Vita Sales Boost
The PlayStation Vita has finally received the kick up the backside that it so desperately needed in Japan this week, and it took just one game to do it - Persona 4: The Golden, Atlus' fighting game spinoff of its popular RPG series.

The brawler claimed the top spot of the Japanese Video Game Software Chart, racking up 137,076 units. This helped push hardware sales of the PlayStation Vita above its home console brother, the PS3, for the week. The Vita sold 34,459 units - more than double the sales figures of the previous week.

The 3DS still remains king of the hardware castle, with over 61,000 units sold over the last seven days. SUDA51's Lollipop Chainsaw appears to be a hit with Japanese consumers, as the PS3 version debuts at #3 and the Xbox 360 version enters at #9. The only other new entry in the Top 10 this week is PSP game Akiba's Trip Plus.

Full Top 10 below. Chart courtesy Media Create.

Software Chart

01 Persona 4 The Golden Atlas (PSV) 137,076 / NEW
02 Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D Square Enix (3DS) 66,434
03 Lollipop Chainsaw Kadokawa Games (PS3) 53,347 / NEW
04 Tokyo Jungle SCEJ (PS3) 35,989
05 Akiba's Trip Plus Acquirer (PSP) 29,505 / NEW
06 Dragon's Dogma Capcom (PS3) 18,039
07 Mario Tennis Open Nintendo (3DS) 17,856
08 Mario Party 9 Nintendo (Wii) 16,143
09 Lollipop Chainsaw Kadokawa Games (360) 14,422
10 Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo (3DS) 9,244

Hardware Chart
Last week's sales numbers are in parentheses.

01 3DS: 61,793 (64,875)
03 PSV: 34,459 (13,383)
02 PS3: 14,673 (15,593)
04 PSP: 9,740 (10,038)
05 Wii: 5,963 (6,029)
06 PS2: 1,237 (1,091)
07 X360: 1,084 (1,001)
08 DSi LL: 689 (615)
09 DSi: 380 (383)


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