Carmack on PS4: Sony Made Wise Engineering Choices

id Software legend praises new console.

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Carmack on PS4: Sony Made Wise Engineering Choices
Sony might not have impressed mobile games websites and PC magazines with the PlayStation 4, but it seems that developers are jumping on board with the tech at the very least. Take id Software's John Carmack for instance, who broke silence to say that he is rather impressed with the new console.

"I can't speak freely about PS4, but now that some specs have been made public, I can say that Sony made wise engineering choices," Carmack wrote on Twitter. It flies in the face of the PS4's detractors, who claim that the tech doesn't quite go far enough.

It's also a particularly interesting comment from Carmack - who is believed to be working on Doom 4 - given that he recently expressed a disinterest in the next generation of consoles. "Sony and Microsoft are going to fight over gigaflops and teraflops and GPUs and all this. In the end, it won't make that much difference," he told GI last year.

Sony revealed details on the PlayStation 4 for the first time at a special event in New York on Wednesday night. Read all about it here.


MRXBOX n VAN BC 22 Feb 2013 11:03
Wow, at least they didn't pull a NINTENDO . A Nintendo is what i now call huge MISTAKES THAT LEAVE U BANKRUPT . I can't wait till XBOX Market place has all the Old games when then buy there BANKRUPT Butts . The same could happen with SONY but less likely . Lets face it 1 DAY PEOPLE MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLAY GAMES ON THEIR PHONES . When that day happens u will be getting a free VITA or DS GAMEBOY with the purchase of there System . THE NETFILX 720 and all the Crap Sony are doing , well its S**T !!! 60 buc games i can take with me . WHO CARES ??? I WANT NO CHEATTING , NO LAG and WHY WOULD I EVER TAKE MY EYES OFF MY BIG SCREEN to look at MY SECOND SCREEN . TO DIE MAYBE !!!! PLEASE NO MORE GIMMICKS and MORE VOTING OUT THE CHEATERS .
Ergo 22 Feb 2013 12:05
@MRXBOX_n_VAN_BC so, quit the decaf i see.

(Also: Nintendo has 10-billion bucks in the bank--even if they killed the U and 3DS tomorrow they have sufficient cash to go on for decades.)
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