PlayStation 3 PSone will happen. Kutaragi pledges first machine will ?live forever?

Excellent news, indeed.

Posted by Staff
Speaking in the respected Japanese journal Asahi Shimbun, PlayStation overlord Ken Kutaragi finally clarified the backwards compatibility capabilities of the looming PlayStation 3.

"PSone and PlayStation 2 are, of course, separate formats. PSone games run on the new models of PlayStation 2 through emulation rather than actual hardware,? explained Kutaragi-san. ?Our PlayStation 3 will offer the same compatibility for all PlayStation software and this format will continue forever. Just like the situation with personal computers or music CDs, the format continues by incorporating it into new products."

And it makes sense really, doesn?t it? To the PlayStation 3, running a PSone game is the digital equivalent of yawning. The emulation technology is tried and tested.

Good news, just how we like it!


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