Rockstar Games: Sony to Lead the Market

Ben Feder opens mouth...

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Rockstar Games: Sony to Lead the Market
"I have a lot of confidence in Sony. I have a lot of confidence in their ability to lead the market, as they always have", so says Take-Two Interactive president, Ben Feder.

We're sure there must be some form of plausible spin to be retro-fitted to the phrase 'lead the market' but for now we can only read this as meaning that Take-Two is confident that Sony's gaming platforms will be at the front of the competition.

The most recent announcement from the Take-Two stable was, of course, Rockstar's Agent - a PlayStation 3 exclusive, upon which Sam Houser has already commented.

Before we leave Ben, here's a quote to log away in your 'did they really say that' diary: "...we'll never ship a game before we know it's ready. If it needs a little bit more time, we'll give it a bit more time."



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