Video: Really 3D Vision from Sony

Rocket-suits, X-Ray glasses and two-headed-dogs not on the agenda.

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Video: Really 3D Vision from Sony
Forget pseudo 3D, Sony's unveiled a 3D image display that you can walk around and view from all sides. Imagine what that will mean for an FPS!

According to the video (below), "The cylindrical display case is 27cm tall with a base of 13cm in diameter, and features a 96 by 128-pixel resolution that looks better than might be expected."

As for what is being displayed, "Sony created these objects either in 3D on a computer or by taking photographs of them from various angles. The result is that the objects appear to have depth, and can be viewed from any angle on the horizontal plane by walking around the display screen."




PaulRayment 23 Oct 2009 12:04
Those games look awesome! I want to play the one of the woman's head.
Manuel 26 Oct 2009 06:17
I think what happens is that the display is rotating at a high speed and by making sure that each "virtual pixel" or pixel we see is refreshed at the usual 50 or 60Hz rate. I would think the resolution is 128 height and 96 depth. and horizontal (around the cylinder) resolution is aquired by rotating this display. All this is speculation, and is what at the moment with no more information I believe.
Cromity 28 Oct 2009 19:58
@Manuel i see where you're going but that wouldn't explain how the display gives the depth the reporter states is visible.

what i and every other red blooded male wants to know is - aside from looking 360 degrees around, can you look up (skirts) and down (tops) ?
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