Joe... Danger.... PS3 DLC Details Ahoy!

More fun with everyone's favourite daredevil

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Joe... Danger.... PS3 DLC Details Ahoy!
The developer of PSN title Joe Danger, Hello Games, posted an update on the US Playstation blog yesterday detailing a limited time offer for purchasing the game as well as details on new DLC.

Those who have not yet purchased the title can pick the game up via the US Playstation Store for half price at $7.49 between 23rd-30th November.

The game will also be receiving some new characters that will join the game's already existing roster, bringing with them their own style, motorbike, unique moves and special collectibles. They will be usable in the game's multiplayer mode and allow you to make various replay videos of them too.

The new characters will include an undead knight who goes by the name of ?Sir Bonehead?, Joe wearing a Chicken suit, with egg-cellent new special moves like ?The Red Rooster? and ?Cock-a-Doodle-Danger?, a playable Monkey donning a fez who goes by the name of ?Chuckles the Chimp? and Native American brother ?Geronim-Joe?.

Not picked up Joe Danger yet? We liked it quite a bit here at SPOnG and suggest that you give it a whirl and go grab the extra characters whilst you're at it. You can take on our chimp anytime.

Source: US Playstation blog


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