PS1 Homebrew Project Allows Booting of Games from SD Card

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PS1 Homebrew Project Allows Booting of Games from SD Card
Some clever bugger has been working on a homebrew solution for the original Sony PlayStation console. The project, known as PSIO, is a cartridge-based device that allows playback of backed-up PS1 games from an SD card, as well as the ability to boot and run custom code.

"Using custom designed hardware and software from the ground up that has taken many hours to complete, PSIO is an extremely high quality feat of engineering that will let you backup your original PlayStation 1 games, and play them on your PlayStation 1 console from an SD card, thus not requiring to use the disc and laser unit," reads the project page.

The benefits outlined by using the PSIO device includes, "lengthening the life of your PlayStation 1 hardware, reducing disc read errors, choppy or skipped video, music and audio tracks, freezing, delayed frame rates and loud drive mechanical noises."

A prototype has been created for use on an original PlayStation, but doesn't currently work on the updated PSOne hardware. You can see a video of a prototype version in action below.



Daz 21 Jun 2013 17:24
This is pretty, but with emulators having a high% compatibility rate plus options for improving Graphics, sound and what not, I have to wonder, is it even worth it?
Daz 21 Jun 2013 17:24
pretty cool*
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