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Originally known as Capsule Computers, Capcom are a leading force in the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry, Capcom’s legacy spans 20 years of entertaining video gamers. Capcom develops, markets, and distributes home video games for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color System, and coin-operated games. Worldwide recognizable product lines include the Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, and Resident Evil series.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Capcom's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1985 title, "Commando" (C64).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPhone, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Arcade, Dreamcast, N64, Saturn, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, ST, 3DO, NEC PC Engine, Game Gear, Sega Master System, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K and Amstrad CPC. Of these, "Resident Evil" (GameCube), "Resident Evil Zero" (GameCube), "Resident Evil 2" (GameCube), "Resident Evil: Code Veronica" (PS2), "Resident Evil 3 Nemesis" (PlayStation) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Resident Evil 6" (Switch).

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Ultra Street Fighter IV - Opening Movie and Gameplay Vids News

New features shown off

17 Apr 2014

Dino Crisis Reboot Rumoured News

Seriously, why the hell not? New things are scary

27 Feb 2014

Capcom's Gender Fight with UK Media Outlet News

Capcom's take on a single character game...

19 Feb 2014

Remember Me Developer Rumoured Bankrupt News

Receivership for the French studio behind Capcom's highly lauded game

31 Jan 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Set for Western Release News

3DS game getting European languages...

27 Jan 2014

Capcom to Hire 100 New Developers a Year News

Details five year plan

23 Jan 2014

Capcom: PS4 and Xbox One Development Takes 8 to 10 Times More Work News

New engine necessitated by "increasingly complex hardware"

13 Jan 2014

Capcom Set to Release PS4 Exclusive News

Deep Down set for Japanese release 'soon' after PS4 launch - potential western release some time after

03 Jan 2014

What's Capcom's New, Probably Next-Gen, Fighting Game? News

Could it be Street Fighter?

24 Oct 2013

Capcom Needs Big Changes News

Capcom's least profitable year since 2010

10 Sep 2013

Capcom: Dead Rising 3 Outgrew Xbox 360, Needed Xbox One News

Producer Mike Jones on "streaming spaghetti"

22 Jul 2013

SDCC 2013: Capcom Confirms Strider Relaunch - Two Trailers News

Announcement screens thrown in for good measure

19 Jul 2013

Capcom Confirms Cuts and VP Culling News

Poor old Capcom... realigning people

12 Jul 2013

Capcom: Deep Down is Not Related to Dragon's Dogma News

So stop talking about it!

19 Jun 2013

E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 an Xbox One Exclusive News

SmartGlass integration.

10 Jun 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Remember Me is Grid Locked News

Skyrim, Dead Island Riptide and others can't beat Codies

10 Jun 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Codemasters Drives Away News

Grid 2 leaves Resident Evil: Revelations for dead

03 Jun 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Evil in Residence News

Capcom hit the number 1 spot again

28 May 2013

Capcom Cancels Blood Swimming Pool Event News

Following Woolwich attack

23 May 2013

Phoenix Wright 5 Goes Digital-Only on 3DS News

Coming this Autumn.

14 May 2013

Japanese Charts: Nintendo 3DS Dominates Top 10 News

Tomodachi Collection leads chart.

09 May 2013

Capcom Financials: Resident Evil 6 Fails to Meet Sales Expectations News

Dragon's Dogma pleases execs though, selling more than anticipated.

08 May 2013

UK Chart: Dead Island Dominates for Second Week Running News

Soul Sacrifice debuts at #26.

07 May 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Dead Island Riptide Kills Gods News

A chart filled with underwhelming offerings

29 Apr 2013

Capcom Cancels Projects, Shifts Development In-House News

Massive restructure result of slow response to digital

18 Apr 2013

China Gets Monster Hunter MMO: Screens and Video News

Warface operator involved

18 Apr 2013

Dontnod on Gender Equality: We Have a Long Way to Go News

Remember Me a 'militant act' towards advocating equal footing for men and women.

16 Apr 2013

Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass Will Cover Four DLC Packs News

Set as a reward for Steam pre-purchasers.

11 Apr 2013

Capcom: Darkstalkers Resurrection Sales Disappointing News

Less chance of a full comeback now.

11 Apr 2013

Publishers Told Remember Me Devs that 'Female Characters Don't Sell' News

Dontnod stood its ground before being picked up by Capcom.

19 Mar 2013

PS4: See All The Announced Games Here News

Teaser trailers for your eyeballs.

21 Feb 2013

Capcom Arcade Cabinet for PSN and XBLA Unveiled: Black Tiger is Free News

It was acceptable in the 80s.

08 Feb 2013

Capcom May Cry: DmC Sales Projections Reduced by 800k News

Only shipping 1.2m units to retail instead of planned 2m.

05 Feb 2013

Resident Evil 6: The Market Speaks, says "You Suck" News

Aside from that though, Capcom makes some money,

04 Feb 2013

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops II Reclaims Top Spot News

Dante plummets to #4.

28 Jan 2013

UK Video Game Chart: Long Live Dante! News

DmC knocks FIFA 13 off the #1 spot.

21 Jan 2013

Capcom: 2012 Releases Unlikely to Hit Wii U News

Resi 6, Okami HD and Street Fighter X Tekken miss out.

03 Jan 2013

Resident Evil: Revelations Heading to Home Consoles News

Korean Ratings Board lets slip possible re-release.

23 Nov 2012

Tatsunoko vs Capcom to be Removed From Sale News

Publisher lost the rights "fairly recently".

08 Nov 2012

Capcom Bows to Gamer Criticism on Resident Evil 6 News

A host of changes made to alleviate flawed horror

24 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts: EA Kicks Activision's Monsters in the Nuts News

FIFA 13 battles Skylanders and wins. James Bond 007 loses out horribly...

22 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores Hat Trick at Retail News

More people walk into a shop to buy a football game.

15 Oct 2012

Capcom Announces Darkstalkers Resurrection News

"First step" to get to Darkstalkers 4.

12 Oct 2012

Resident Evil 6 DLC - on Disc or Not? A Clarification News

Capcom does a very, very quick clear up

11 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 13 Scares Off Resident Evil 6 News

Footie game stays at the top of the chart.

08 Oct 2012

Resident Evil 6 Update Kills PS3 Copies News

Stop - don't download that patch! Oh, too late.

03 Oct 2012

Copies of Resident Evil 6 Stolen - Sold to Polish Gamers News

The game's out early! Oh wait, no it isn't.

03 Sep 2012

Resident Evil 6 Out Early - Naughtiness Abounds News

When retailers go baaaaaaad.

31 Aug 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD Coming to iOS Devices News

Three games for your iPad... not free, read the small print.

29 Aug 2012

Capcom: Many "High Profile Publishers" Interested in Remember Me News

New IP is important, even at this stage in a console generation.

24 Aug 2012

Capcom Dev: Negative Comments: More About Psychology than Video Games News

Whatever the hell that means... 'Remember Me' dev defends awful dialogue in Remember Me

21 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: Remember Me's Killer App - 'Memory Remixes' News

USP for new Capcom IP.

14 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Details News

Cross compatible multiplayer and data.

14 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: ResidentEvil.Net Service Announced News

Rank against your friends in zombie-hunting.

14 Aug 2012

gamescom 2012: Capcom Announces New IP, "Remember Me" News

Third-person cyberpunk action game

14 Aug 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Rebalances Ryu, Gems System News

Capcom being shy on specifics, however.

01 Aug 2012

Resident Evil 6: Invade Other Players' Games in Agent Hunt Mode News

Unlocked after game completion.

01 Aug 2012

Capcom Profits Up 300%, Dragon's Dogma Sells 1 Million News

Social gaming trending down as video games industry sees 'recovery trend'.

30 Jul 2012

Okami, ZOE and Yakuza HD Remakes Showcased in Sony Trailer News

Tasty comparison shots included.

30 Jul 2012

Capcom Vancouver Confirms Redundancies News

"Unsuitable fit with studio's goals."

19 Jul 2012

Marvel vs Capcom: Origins Comes to Light in September News

'90s arcade titles bound for PSN and XBLA

06 Jul 2012

Capcom's Killian Joins Sony News

Street Fighter man goes to California

03 Jul 2012

Sequel Confirmed for Dragon's Dogma News

Capcom announces RPG as latest franchise.

25 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Persona Win Leads to Vita Sales Boost News

Lollipop Chainsaw performs well.

22 Jun 2012

Ōkami HD Hitting PSN This Autumn News

Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

20 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Sony King of the Tokyo Jungle News

But Nintendo still dominates the chart.

14 Jun 2012

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono Wants "A Universal Community" One Euro a Time News

Street Fighter evangelist wants Street Fighter 4 to bring all fighters together

11 Jun 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Ghost Recon Haunts Top Spot News

A calm chart with little happening as E3 prepares to rage or outrage

04 Jun 2012

Japanese Chart: Dragon's Dogma Storms to #1 News

Over 330,000 units sold in its first week!

30 May 2012

Pachter "All DLC is Great" News

On Disc DLC is however, greedy.

28 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Ghost Recon Storms to #1 News

Dragon's Dogma debuts at #3.

28 May 2012

Capcom Releases First Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Video News

With a survival horror twist.

23 May 2012

DmC Joins the 2013 Club - Release Date Announced News

It's going to be a packed New Year.

22 May 2012

Capcom Dragon's Dogma On-Disc DLC and Other Matters News

We would like to assure you that we have been listening to your comments...

15 May 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: Resident Evil Beats Crazy Baby-Making Game News

We're not even surprised about these games anymore.

04 May 2012

Video Game Super Villians Come to Disney Movie in 2012 News

Bowser from Super Mario Bros, Kano from Mortal Kombat, Doctor Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog, Doctor Wily from Mega Man, Zangief and M. Bison from Street Fighter II...

27 Apr 2012

Namco Bandai x Capcom x SEGA Collaboration Project Detailed News

A name, and some characters.

11 Apr 2012

Lost Planet 3 to Come from Legendary Developer News

Get your Lost Planet 3 trailer while you can...

10 Apr 2012

UK Charts - Electronic Arts Basically Owns It News

The All Format's chart

02 Apr 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: Kid Icarus Flies to the Top News

SEGA's Yakuza spinoff follows at #2.

30 Mar 2012

Capcom Releases Zombies to Celebrate Resident Evil Launch News

Thankfully, no casualties were reported.

26 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Street Outperforms Resident Evil News

Capcom's horror spinoff lands at #2.

26 Mar 2012

Capcom: Resident Evil Won't Go Back to Survival Horror News

The genre doesn't sell - especially compared to Call of Duty.

23 Mar 2012

Capcom Wants Next Gen Networks Over Consoles News

Talk of Next Generation games tech really taking off

15 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Mass Effect for Electronic Arts News

EA basically rules the Top 10

12 Mar 2012

"Inside Source" at Capcom States Obvious: New Darkstalkers Coming News

Project was already hinted at some eight months ago.

05 Mar 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Nibble

28 Feb 2012

Capcom Gives Up More Resident Evil Detail News

Setting, plot, screens, video...

15 Feb 2012

Asura's Wrath Delayed News

Will arrive two weeks later than expected.

09 Feb 2012

Capcom Announces Fifth Ace Attorney Game News

As well as mobile platform remakes.

02 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Resident Evil Brings The Horror News

But FIFA 12 holds on

30 Jan 2012

Mega Man, Pac-Man Exclusive Characters on PS3 Street Fighter X Tekken News

Xbox 360 version won't have any exclusive characters.

27 Jan 2012

Resident Evil 6 Release Date and Trailer Revealed News

Chris and Leon team up...

20 Jan 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: 3DS Second Wind Continues, Vita Falls News

PSP outperforms its younger, faster brother once again.

06 Jan 2012

Rumour: Monster Hunter Hitting Vita in 2012 News

Industry insider says one is coming, skimps on details.

05 Jan 2012

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Date for Europe News

And Resi Evil Revelations is coming too.

30 Nov 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Blows Away One Piece News

Saints Row the Third comes in fifth place.

25 Nov 2011

Capcom to Release PSOne Darkstalkers on PSN News

ESRB gives the game away.

31 Oct 2011

Capcom: Raccoon City Sales Downgrade Due to Release Delay News

Publisher still has faith in the product.

31 Oct 2011

Electronic Arts Snaps Up Batman Arkham City for Origin News

Origin will feature top new releases including Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third and more

28 Oct 2011

Devil May Cry HD Collection Hitting in 2012 News

Lots of Devil May Cry HD Collection screens to see

17 Oct 2011

Winning Eleven Wins on PS3 in Japan Game Charts News

Media Create Charts are in...

13 Oct 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Gets 4-Player Fights, Sony Mascots News

Fighting game crossover excitement - begin!

14 Sep 2011

GAMEfest to Host Halo Anniversary Edition, Arkham City Demos News

Bumper list of announcements inside.

09 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Grand Knights Victory News

Tales of Xillia's going to destroy it though.

09 Sep 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Remasters of the Universe News

Monster Hunter dominates charts on a whole new platform.

05 Sep 2011

35 Minutes of Asura's Wrath Nibble

26 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Keeps its Rhythm News

3DS still top of hardware, Rhythm Heaven Wii takes back software chart.

25 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Cats Rule News

PSP spinoff tops the chart.

19 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Rhythm Heaven Wins Hearts News

PSP performs well. Except for the PSP Go, of course.

05 Aug 2011

Video Gaming Financials in One Place News

Capcom, THQ, Nintendo, Sony...

28 Jul 2011

Capcom: Darkstalkers are not Dead News

Yoshinori Ono hints at series return at San Diego Comic Con.

22 Jul 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Announced, Character Roster Leaked News

Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

21 Jul 2011

Mega Man Legends 3 Officially Pronounced Dead News

Not due to Keiji Inafune's departure, apparently

19 Jul 2011

Capcom on Mercenaries 3D Data Reset: Pre-Owned 'Not a Factor' News

It's because of replayability, man.

28 Jun 2011

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Blocks Data Reset News

Speculation of pre-owned fight.

27 Jun 2011

Inafune Warns of Future Industry Clashes News

Traditional publishers may see a brain drain to social gaming.

26 May 2011

Capcom Release Plans Puts Faith in PS3, Little in Wii News

Sony's console the apple of Capcom's eye.

24 May 2011

Takashi Miike Hints at Phoenix Wright Film News


24 May 2011

Nintendo to Distribute Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D News

Arriving in July.

12 May 2011

Inafune: I Broke the Rules to Make Lost Planet and Dead Rising News

Had to step over Capcom management to get original titles made.

09 May 2011

Capcom Financials: Profits Up 248 Per Cent News

Five million-sellers throughout 2010-2011.

06 May 2011

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Breaks 1m Sales News

World Sales Warrior.

12 Apr 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: PSP Fights Back News

Final Fantasy IV Complete leads software chart.

31 Mar 2011

Capcom Pulls Plug on Mega Man Universe News

Publisher being awfully vague about why.

31 Mar 2011

Capcom Unveils Resident Evil: Raccoon City Trailer News

'What the hell is going on here?'

30 Mar 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ships Two Million, More DLC Planned News

Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath not the end of the DLC fun.

30 Mar 2011

Capcom: "Spinoff" Resident Evil Still Full of Horror News

Don't sweat the threat.

29 Mar 2011

Officially Official - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City News

Co-op-fest coming this winter

28 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Crysis 2 Takes the Lead News

Cry me a river, 3DS.

28 Mar 2011

Devil May Cry Next Up For Movie Adaptation News

Is this job special enough for Dante?

01 Mar 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Catherine Sexes Her Way to the Top News

Marvel vs Capcom 3 settles for second.

25 Feb 2011

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Won't Get Console Release News

The characters are too cheap!

25 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Ace Attorney Investigates is Happy News

Four new entries take the Top 4.

10 Feb 2011

How Not to Take a Joke: Ono on Nintendo vs Capcom News

Everyone got all het up over nothing.

08 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: The Last Story Gets the Last Word News

Hironobu Sakaguchi Can't Be This Good!

04 Feb 2011

Monster Good News from Capcom! News

Monster. Monster. Monster. Money. Money. Money

02 Feb 2011

SSFIV 3DS Shows Lite Control Mode News

Emphasises what's possible in the 3DS version

28 Jan 2011

Sentinel/Hsien-Ko Join Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fray News

Final additions to the roster unveiled

28 Jan 2011

Capcom Claims Original Content Coming News

New franchises to come this year

26 Jan 2011

Resident Evil 6 Gets Villainous Plea News

A sequel? Surely not

26 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Holidays News

No real changes this week.

14 Jan 2011

Capcom Accused of 'Splosion Man iPhone Plagiarism News

Things are blowing up.

12 Jan 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Takes the Holidays News

Monster Hunter and PSP still lead the chart.

07 Jan 2011

Okamiden Demo Available at Select US Retailers - UK No Comment News

Get down there and download it. Feed your hungry DS.

06 Jan 2011

Capcom Calls Sony Out on Lack of Super Street Fighter IV Costumes News

Platform holder doesn't pay additional DLC costs.

05 Jan 2011

Capcom Brings Big Guns to CES News

Five of its best to impress you

05 Jan 2011

Enslaved's Art Director Takes on Dmc: Devil May Cry News

Takes position on re-imagining of Dante's next outing

04 Jan 2011

New Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer Shows Game's Explosive Cast News

Could be the best trailer yet

28 Dec 2010

Latest Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer Hits Out News

Shows more characters in action

17 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Assassin's Creed Sneaks in at #10 News

Capcom and Nintendo dominate.

16 Dec 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter Sells Nearly 2m Units News

Tales of Graces F sells impressive numbers, but didn't have a chance.

09 Dec 2010

Keiji Inafune Comes Up Smiling News

Aims to "greatly exceed" his former self.

01 Dec 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Producer Talks Details News

Provides new details on upcoming crossover

30 Nov 2010

Megaman Online Video Shows What Its All About News

Video shows new title's gameplay

19 Nov 2010

Gamestop shows MvC3 special edition News

Comic, subscription and DLC characters ahoy

16 Nov 2010

Two New Characters Join Marvel vs Capcom 3 Roster News

New additions added to eclectic crossover fighter

16 Nov 2010

Capcom announces MotoGP 10/11 News

Marching in next year

12 Nov 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Hitting Arcades in Mid-December News

Here before Christmas

11 Nov 2010

Tango Gameworks Get Okaimi, Umbrella Chronicles, Killer 7 Staffers News

Formerly tied to previous Capcom projects

09 Nov 2010

Capcom, Konami for Android Phone 3D Games News

Also Namco Bandai and GungHo

04 Nov 2010

Okamiden Gets European release date News

Not too far away

03 Nov 2010

Capcom responds to Inafune's decision News

Experiences reshuffle in ranks

02 Nov 2010

Attorney Investigations 2 Gets Release Date, Price News

Miles Edgeworth's next instalment not too far away

02 Nov 2010

Keiji Inafune Strikes Again: Wants his Name to Sell Games News

Has plenty to say in recent interview

02 Nov 2010

Capcom's MegaMan Infafune Quits News

He's reached the highest level possible in game development

29 Oct 2010

Dead Rising 2 Ships 2 Million as Overall Sales Slump News

There's dead (up)rising going on then

28 Oct 2010

UK Video Games Charts: Fallout Gamble Pays Off News

New Vegas beats Medal of Honor

25 Oct 2010

Capcom on DmC: "Any Changes Will Bring About a Knee-Jerk Reaction From Fans" News

Capcom VP, "the strategy here was to create that discussion and dialogue"

21 Oct 2010

Capcom and Level-5 Working on Layton vs Ace Attorney News

Puzzles and trials combine.

20 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Medal of Honor Red Cards FIFA News

EA vs EA in EA battle for the top

18 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Macross No Match For Pokemon News

Mechs vs Pocket Monsters? There's only one way to find out...

15 Oct 2010

Trailered Marvel vs Capcom 3: Four New Characters Enter the Fray News

Knights, commandos, mutants, joke characters?

11 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: PES 2011 Crushed by FIFA 11 News

EA clinches top spot.

11 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Pokemon KO's K-ON! News

Rival uses sales! It's super effective!

08 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 11 Top of the Table News

Kicking everyone's Electronic Arts.

04 Oct 2010

Super Street Fighter 3D Edition Trailer Shows 3DS Tag Mode News

Plus: Eye up ladies on the train and do battle.

29 Sep 2010

Resident Evil Mercenaries, New Mega Man Legends for 3DS News

Capcom adds two more games to its development roster.

29 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: F1 2010 Takes the Title News

Halo: Reach knocked off its perch.

27 Sep 2010

Capcom: Not "Alienating" PS3 Owners with Dead Rising 2 DLC News

Case Zero and Case West are just presents for 360 owners

23 Sep 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Pokemon Black & White Smashes Records News

Best first week sales total in history - after only two days on sale!

23 Sep 2010

Capcom and Level 5 Collaborate News

Talks of team-up and confirms rumours

22 Sep 2010

Capcom's Inafune: "Everyone’s Making Awful Games" News

Keiji Infaune challenges Japanese development community again

20 Sep 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: One Piece is Number One News

Chart experiencing sales slump.

17 Sep 2010

New Steel Batallion for Kinect More Details News

What? No buttons?

16 Sep 2010

Inafune: "Japanese Games Industry Not Dead Long As Capcom is Around" News

Looking to the West as Capcom buys Blue Castle Games.

15 Sep 2010

Heavy Hints: New Devil May Cry News

Why it's going to be more Western in feel is still a mystery.

15 Sep 2010

UK Retailer Goes Early with Dead Rising 2 News

Eager fans will get game a day before official release

13 Sep 2010

Japan Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter is Purrfect! News

Capcom's spinoff RPG stays at the top.

13 Sep 2010

Dead Rising 2 Vid Delves Into The Samurai Era with Norio Shioyama News

Takes a historical approach to game's promotion with Norio Shioyama

10 Sep 2010

Latest Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer Shows Comic and Gaming Greats News

Showcases Captain America, Doctor Doom, Chun-Li and Trish among others

10 Sep 2010

Capcom Announces New Ace Attorney Investigations Game News

No objections here.

09 Sep 2010

Keiji Inafune Hints Resident Evil 6 Announcement News

He's impatient, just like us

03 Sep 2010

Japanese Software Chart: Capcom Cats Get the Cream News

New PSP releases perform well in software chart.

03 Sep 2010

No Delay for Dead Rising 2: Case 0 in UK - Release Today! News

Go get your Microsoft Points.

31 Aug 2010

Dead Rising 2: Case 0 Delayed in Japan News

'Violent content' suggested as reason for push back.

30 Aug 2010

Japanese Game Charts: Another Century's #1 News

Robots and boobs make up this week's new entries.

27 Aug 2010

Capcom on RE5 Racism Row: Japan Needs Control News

Some things make more sense to "our market"

25 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Reigns Again News

Slow going this week.

20 Aug 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Viewtiful and Dormammu Shape Up News

Marvel's Dormammu and Capcom's Vietiful Joe join the fray

18 Aug 2010

Capcom: Disney Doesn't Know What to Do With Marvel News

Acquisition hasn't affected development of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

16 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Tales of Remake Domination News

Sengoku Basara gets knocked off the top spot.

13 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Samurai Heroes Vs Vocaloid Heroine News

Close battle for the top spot this week.

09 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Regains Control News

Blur languishes at #50.

30 Jul 2010

Capcom Explains No Move Controls for Original RE5 News

Only Gold Edition works with the peripheral.

28 Jul 2010

Street Fighter and Tekken Gets Crossover Series News

'History making' partnership sees two top fighting franchises go head to head.

26 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Fire Emblem Scorches Competition News

Dragon Quest Monsters close behind.

23 Jul 2010

DC Comics Jim Lee: Majority of People Play Video Games News

Comics and games love for all

22 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Capcom Secures Xbox 360 Victory News

Anime dating sim following close behind.

02 Jul 2010

Jun Takeuchi Not Working On Resident Evil 6 News

Will take more of a backseat role at Capcom.

28 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leaps Back On Top News

World Cup boosts Winning Eleven

25 Jun 2010

Capcom Chief: Confirms PSP2 Derides PSP Go News

He also happens to be the former head of Sony in the UK

18 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Xenoblade Cuts Mario Down News

Nintendo platform software dominates.

18 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Mario Biggest In The Galaxy News

Nintendo DS sees a software resurgence.

04 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Lost Planet 2 Scores Against PES News

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Day One sales impressive.

28 May 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

Capcom Moving Away From Western Development News

Fresh IP will be created in Japan in future.

17 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Strikes Back News

First party titles command 60% of the Top 10.

14 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA Holds Top Spot News

Just Dance earns over a million UK sales.

10 May 2010

Capcom Reports "Sluggish" Financial Figures News

Delays and disappointing sales lead to 73% profit drop.

07 May 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Dragons Beat Snakes News

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker denied top spot.

07 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

Super Street Fighter IV To Host Betting Contest News

Bookies open up to possible winner of London 'heavyweight champ' match.

26 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Monster Hunter Splits The Top 10 News

Splinter Cell and Just Dance continue to hold on to the top.

26 Apr 2010

Capcom: Captivate 10: The Games and the DLC News

All of the announcements from Capcom's Hawaiian press event.

21 Apr 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Yes THREE Confirmed News

What, no sign of Disney?

20 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leads a Stale Week News

No new games in this chart this week, either.

16 Apr 2010

Capcom Snubs Japanese Development For Dead Rising 2 News

First game "felt too Japanese."

15 Apr 2010

Street Fighter Producer: Fitness Game Is A Possibility [UPDATE] News

Could we be performing Hadoukens on Balance Boards?

15 Apr 2010

Ex Sony MD Moves to Capcom News

Becomes COO of Capcom Europe

31 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for Sony Portable News

Revealed during a demo of a Monster Hunter spinoff title.

16 Mar 2010

Japan Software Charts: Gotta Range 'Em All News

Pokemon Ranger takes top spot.

12 Mar 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Robot Jubblies News

Heavy Rain gets knocked down to the 30s.

05 Mar 2010

Mega Man 10 Out Now On US WiiWare News

PSN and XBLA versions to follow.

02 Mar 2010

Japan Software Charts: Heavy Rain Pours In News

Resident Evil 5 takes top spot.

26 Feb 2010

Lost Planet 2 Cuts Blamed On Xbox 360 Disc Size News

But don't worry, it'll likely be DLC instead!

18 Feb 2010

Capcom's Desire for Street Fighter IV PSP News

Project manager hints comes off the back of Capcom iPhone announcement.

16 Feb 2010

Capcom Profits Up 865% Despite Darkside Chronicles News

Disappointing Darkside Chronicles sales doesn't dampen the occasion.

02 Feb 2010

Monster Hunter Tri - Gets Wii Speak + Wii Classic Controller News

All is made clear in press conference

01 Feb 2010

MotoGP 09/10: Demo, DLC and Multiplayer Details Confirmed News

Demo due a month before release

29 Jan 2010

Japan Software Charts: PSP Fights Back News

Valkyria Chronicles 2 leads the handheld charge.

29 Jan 2010

Nintendo Download: Eco Shooters, Musical Fish & Street Fighters News

One WiiWare, one Virtual Console and three DSiWare games for you today.

29 Jan 2010

Monster Hunter Frontier Subs Offer Free Xbox Live Gold News

Japanese Xbox 360 users don't have to pay twice.

27 Jan 2010

Capcom + Microsoft = Monster Hunter Frontier 360 News

2007 PC MMO heading for Xbox 360.

26 Jan 2010

Japanese Software: Kingdom Hearts Maintains Top Position News

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles debuts at #3.

22 Jan 2010

RE5: Jill Valentine Scenarios Originally In-Game Extra News

High-quality cutscenes made it too expensive to justify as in-game bonus content.

18 Jan 2010

Capcom To Revive Old Franchise For Natal News

Project is built from the ground up.

13 Jan 2010

Dark Void, Lost Planet 2: Capcom's CES Screens Blowout News

Lost Planet 2, Dark Void, Super Street Fighter IV and then some

08 Jan 2010

Capcom: Wii Still Love All Platforms News

Reaffirms commitment to Nintendo console

07 Jan 2010

Capcom: Less Wii After Darkside Chronicles Sells Only 16k News

French Director General says the audience for hardcore games has left the building.

05 Jan 2010

Dark Void Coming to DSiWare, PC, Mobile News

Dark Void Zero to liven up the handheld

24 Dec 2009

Lost Planet 2 Delayed Further Into Q2 2010 News

FT hammers home profit warnings for the Capcom.

23 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Japan Roundup: Virtual PSP 7-Eleven Festa Console Go! News

Or; Jump Festa, PSP Go, Virtual Console and 7-Eleven news.

30 Oct 2009

Uncharted 2 Biggest Seller in Japan Apparently News

Famitsu Day 1 sales chart shows Naughty Dog's sequel net 47K units.

16 Oct 2009

Street Fighter is Super, thanks for asking News

After yesterday’s tease Capcom has announced a Spring 2010 release for Super Street Fighter IV.

29 Sep 2009

Capcom: Our Industry is Finished News

Yet there are still some kick-ass games?

28 Sep 2009

Dead Rising 2: Wheelchair Action plus Forking Video News

Let's face it... it's a death fest

25 Sep 2009

Lost Planet 2 PS3 Demo Dated Nibble

16 Sep 2009

Okamiden Trailer Ups The Cute Factor News

New video shows Okami handheld sequel in action.

09 Sep 2009

Lost Planet 2 Demo Coincides With Gamescom News

Co-op fun on Xbox Live

14 Aug 2009

Spyborgs in Motion Nibble

07 Aug 2009

Monster Hunter Tri Hitting Europe Early 2010 News

It's all sub-aquatic and stuff

04 Aug 2009

Capcom: A Video Game Light in the Gloom News

Recession? Not for Capcom

31 Jul 2009

Resident Evil: Afterlife Brings On the 3D Zombies News

Paul Anderson returning to director's chair

24 Jul 2009

Lost Planet 2: Warm New Screenage News

Get 'em while they're not cold!

23 Jul 2009

Spyborgs Gets a Date Nibble

20 Jul 2009

Monster Hunter Bundles and PSN Download News News

Mystic and silver.

23 Jun 2009

Bionic Commando Sales Slap Grin in the Mouth News

US figures add to developer woes

15 Jun 2009

Lost Planet 2 Public Hands-On Confirmed News

Capcom gets is Game On!

28 May 2009

Video: Flying into the Dark Void News

New developer diary here

26 May 2009

The UK Games Charts: Wolverine Not that Fit News

Nintendo takes another week at the top

05 May 2009

Two New Capcom Games for E3 Nibble

30 Apr 2009

Capcom Bypasses UMD on PSP Release News

UMD inches ever-closer to death

29 Apr 2009

Bionic Commando Video: Combat in Action News

Demo coming Wednesday!

28 Apr 2009

Confirmed: Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3 News

PSN and Live... better for old folks

28 Apr 2009

The UK Games Charts: Resident Evil 5 Still Fit News

Plus: some oldies make a comeback

30 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1 News

Resident Evil 5 holds the top

23 Mar 2009

2012 Olympic Advisor Tells Athletes to Play Video Games News

Taekwondo medal hopefuls using games to train

18 Mar 2009

New Resident Evil Games for Wii Confirmed! News

Something old and something new

12 Mar 2009

Obama to Blame for Resident Evil 5 Racism Row? News

Capcom taken by surprise

12 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: An Empire Turns Into a Killzone News

Sony shooter laid low

09 Mar 2009

Capcom: Digital More Important than Retail News

Plus: the benefits of piracy

04 Mar 2009

Capcom Cool on Street Fighter IV Movie News

Plus: Capcom taking Marvel-like approach

03 Mar 2009

Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Jasper and Pad News

Lay your fears of mismatching controllers to rest...

02 Mar 2009

Nintendo, Capcom, Others Win Japan Pirate Ban News

It's a legal revolution.

27 Feb 2009

Lost Planet 2 Trailer: Cool as Ice! News

Time for enthusiasm!

24 Feb 2009

Top Japanese Games of 2008 News

Nintendo rules the roost.

17 Feb 2009

THQ and Capcom Pal up Nibble

10 Feb 2009

More Zombies: Dead Rising 2 Confirmed - Screens News

Yes... more survival death horror

09 Feb 2009

Nautical Resident Evil 5 Shenanigans! News

RE5 screenery gets wet

06 Feb 2009

First Street Fighter IV DLC Detailed News

Plus: screen onslaught!

06 Feb 2009

Jaffe: Resident Evil 5 Demo Not "Meh" News

At least someone is...

05 Feb 2009

Resident Evil 5 Demo Pushes 2 Million News

Plus: Capcom confirms no running and gunning

03 Feb 2009

Street Fighter IV and RE5 Get Homely News

Capcom plans for Home revealed

03 Feb 2009

Street Fighter IV Arcade Touring UK News

Get an early taste!

29 Jan 2009

Street Fighter II HD Sony Problems a "Fabrication" News

Report on The PSN not true

28 Jan 2009

Capcom: Resident Evil Movie Rights 'Unfortunate' News

Lost Planet movie gets huge budget

22 Jan 2009

Dated: European Resident Evil 5 PS3 Demo News

Coming one week after 360 version

19 Jan 2009

Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 Coming to UK News

Fancy steel casing!

15 Jan 2009

CES Street Fighter IV Trailer News

New video, screens, art

09 Jan 2009

Capcom Evasive on Bionic Commando Release News

Was there an unofficial slip?

05 Jan 2009

Resident Evil 5 Producer Fears the West News

Dev "worried" by movement on Western front

05 Jan 2009

Resident Evil Director Loves Blu-ray News

But screw the critics

22 Dec 2008

Street Fighter Sackboys Hitting PSN? News

Fight! Awww...

01 Dec 2008

Street Fighter IV Goes Camp News

New screens and art

27 Nov 2008

Resident Evil Wii: Not Now... Maybe Later News

We're not at all confused.

27 Oct 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Best for Japanese Publishers News

Microsoft touts 360's Japanese connections

09 Oct 2008

UPDATED: Resident Evil on the Phone - Not the iPhone News

Capcom delivers for N-Gage

23 Sep 2008

Street Fighter IV: Weapons of Male Destruction News

Terrifying new screens below

20 Aug 2008

Street Fighter 'Surprise' is Nostalgia Trip News

No Turbo HD beta

12 Aug 2008

Street Fighter Surprise Coming Thursday News

What are PS3 owners in for?

11 Aug 2008

The Real Face of Resident Evil 5 News

You beauty

01 Aug 2008

Comics Critical to Capcom Strategy News

Resident Evil and Devil May Cry comics on the way

29 Jul 2008

Dead Rising Wii: Screens and Details! News

All that good stuff

21 Jul 2008

Dead Rising Wii Website Now Live News

Lost Planet Wii on the way?

18 Jul 2008

Mega Man 9 Heading to WiiWare News

Details revealed

27 Jun 2008

Resident Evil 5 - Microsoft Approach Answer 'Not Relevant' News

Fanboy wars can proceed without caution.

23 Jun 2008

Mega Man 9 Uncovered News

Aussie Classification Board spills some beans

16 Jun 2008

Your Chance to Play Steet Fighter IV News

That's the arcade version, of course.

11 Jun 2008

Street Fighter IV: Pose for the Camera News

New artwork right here

02 May 2008

Bossy Street Fighter IV Screens News

Indulge your inner rage

01 May 2008

Devil May Cry 4 to Hit PC this Summer News

Plus: new screens!

24 Apr 2008

Capcom Eyes Up Western Studios News

Focus to be on downloadable titles?

15 Apr 2008

Street Fighter IV in Mexican Madness News

New screens. Come get 'em...

08 Apr 2008

Capcom Secures Exclusive Moto GP Rights News

Platform licenses consolidated

31 Mar 2008

Street Fighter IV Movie Cast - Chun-Li Thigh Nightmare News

God of War II tie in...

19 Mar 2008

Okami Screen Deluge News

Get your celestial brush out

18 Mar 2008

Capcom: PS3 Can't Support Online Betas News

Plus: fanboys bitch-slapped

17 Mar 2008

Street Fighter IV: More Thigh Action News

New footage inside

10 Mar 2008

Rumour Bust: Street Fighter IV Will Clash With MGS4 News

Game still not dated, platform still not announced

29 Feb 2008

Street Fighter IV Flashes Some Thigh News

New screens inside!

29 Feb 2008

Trailer: Three Minutes of Street Fighter IV Fury News

New video inside!

28 Feb 2008

Capcom Sued 0ver Dead Rising News

George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead cited

26 Feb 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Switch it up News

DS owners get training

26 Feb 2008

Sure-Fire Arm-Ache: New Okami Wii Video Inside News

Plus: a selection of new screens

20 Feb 2008

Street Fighter IV: Abel Unveiled News

New screens and info inside...

15 Feb 2008

Street Fighter IV Screen Assault News

Plus: new art!

12 Feb 2008

The Charts: The Devil May Cry, But Has He? News

Top 10 gets hit up with new releases

12 Feb 2008

Super! As Smash Bros Piles into Japanese Chart News

How does Devil May Cry 4 fare?

07 Feb 2008

Street Fighter eFlickbook Inside News

Well, new screens, anyway...

30 Jan 2008

New Street Fighter IV Character Revealed News

It's a girl!

09 Jan 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Gets Emotional News

Giant bloke blocks out sun

22 Dec 2007

Virtual Console Gets Mega Top Fun News

Mega Man and Top Hunter land on Virtual Console

14 Dec 2007

Devil May Cry 4 Demo Early Next Year News

Wipe those tears from your eyes...

07 Dec 2007

Street Fighter IV: First Ever Screen! News

Details within...

06 Dec 2007

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Gets Zappy News

Footage inside...

13 Nov 2007

Resident Evil 4 Sells A Million News

Capcom Wiis successfully

31 Oct 2007

UPDATED: Insane Ruling: Plastic Wii Zapper Gun Toy Gets PEGI 18 Rating News

Plus, Resi Evil: Brolly Chronicles Dated

19 Oct 2007

Okami For Wii - Confirmed News

First details inside

18 Oct 2007

Lost Planet Heading to PlayStation 3 News

A man in a pub told us

18 Oct 2007

Street Fighter 4 Confirmed – Trailer Inside News

Like, officially confirmed, and everything

18 Oct 2007

Mysterious Capcom Countdown Spotted News

PS3 announcement on the way?

12 Oct 2007

Average Resident Evil Movie Out Today News

Bit bored, are yer?

12 Oct 2007

Wii Love Golf - First Swinging Screens News

Can it measure up to Wii Sports?

01 Oct 2007

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles - Rotten New Screens News

Zombie monkey inside!

28 Sep 2007

Devil May Cry 4: Menopausal New Screens News

Dante makes 'The Change'

28 Sep 2007

Is Resident Evil 5 Racist? News

Set in Africa, with a white protagonist killing black zombies…

24 Sep 2007

Devil May Cry 4: Frantic New Video News

Some folk just can't get a rest

20 Sep 2007

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles – Latest Screens News

Wii Zappers at the ready

20 Sep 2007

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Zappy New Screens News

Get your juices flowing for the Wii Zapper

13 Sep 2007

Doom Director Signs On For Street Fighter News

Can Street Fighter be doomed twice?

06 Sep 2007

Video: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – Wii Gameplay News

Wii Zapper on the way soon

24 Aug 2007

The Charts: Nintendo Mops Up News

Transformers catches some Pokemon

07 Aug 2007

Track & Field Leaps Onto Xbox LIVE Arcade Tomorrow News

Get ready to destroy those controller buttons!

07 Aug 2007

Islamic Phrase Removed From Wii Game News

Phrase suitable for prayer, but not pirate games

02 Aug 2007

First Resident Evil 5 Screens Here Now News

You’ve seen the trailer, now pore over the first screens

27 Jul 2007

Resident Evil 5 – Latest Trailer News

Head over to Xbox Live Marketplace. Immediately.

26 Jul 2007

Devil May Cry 4: Speedy New Screens News

Nero and Dante duke it out

26 Jul 2007

Devil May Cry 4: Satanic New Screens News

New characters revealed

24 Jul 2007

Capcom: Why Devil May Cry Is No Longer PS3 Exclusive News

It's a technical thing...

20 Jul 2007

Home Arcade Joy! Capcom’s Puzzle Fighter HD Imminent News

On PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade

19 Jul 2007

Capcom's New 2D Fighter Finally Revealed News

No, its not a new arcade Street Fighter

19 Jul 2007

Resident Evil 5 - Chris Redfield’s Back News

Resi Evil 5 Producer Jun Takeuchi spills to Famitsu

18 Jul 2007

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles: Shady Trailer News

Here there be zombies

11 Jul 2007

Devil May Cry 4: Devilish New Screens And Art News

Hankies at the ready, please

11 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter, Nicole Kidman Go At It News

Nicole Kidman fails to see off teenage boy

10 Jul 2007

What is Capcom’s New 2D Fighting Game? News

Street Fighter IV? Doubtful...

05 Jul 2007

Some Darkness For The Weekend, Sir? News

This week's releases

29 Jun 2007

Virtual Console: The End Of The '80s News

Is it acceptable?

22 Jun 2007

The Charts: Forza 2 Versus DiRT - Brrrmmm! News

The top of the Charts parks up

19 Jun 2007

Capcom First Japanese Publisher on Valve’s Steam News

Get ready to download a ton of quality PC titles this month

12 Jun 2007

News From Japan: Ouendan Two You News

And how TV goes ad potty

01 Jun 2007

Capcom’s Zack & Wiki on Wii News

Name change for Treasure Island Z

17 May 2007

Devil May Cry 4: 60 New Screens Right Here News

Dante to be playable

01 May 2007

Virtual Console Gets Kidnap Fetish News

It's F-F-F-Friday!

27 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

Latest News From Japan: PS3 Upgrade Needs PSP News

Who is playing what on the train...

19 Apr 2007

Resident Evil On Wii Out In June News

Roll on hot and evil summer nights

18 Apr 2007

Lost Planet Coming To PC - Video Here News

Shiver me timbers, Capcom says the graphics will be better than Xbox.

16 Apr 2007

Resident Evil 4 On Wii – First Screens Here News

Resident Evil 4 for Wii and Umbrella Chronicles detailed

10 Apr 2007

Two Resident Evils for Wii This Year News

Resi 4 and Umbrella Chronicles detailed

04 Apr 2007

Capcom Cagey On Resident Evil 5 Preview News

Capcom still coy on release date and public unveiling of Res Evil 5

28 Mar 2007

GDC: Zelda Phantom Hourglass, flOw, Blue Dragon, Motorstorm - HANDS ON ROUND-UP! News

SPOnG's gaming hands-on at the heart of the beast....

12 Mar 2007

Virtual Console Gets Medieval News

Virtual Console and Xbox Live get their first crossover

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Gears of War Cleans Up At Awards News

Game Developers Choice Awards dishes out the honours

08 Mar 2007

PSP Big (Again) in Japan News

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd does the business

01 Mar 2007

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 – UK PSP Latest News

Capcom’s popular handheld sequel 'big in Japan'

28 Feb 2007

Chart News: Cut-Price EA Titles Back at Top News

Need for Speed, FIFA, back of the net etc.

20 Feb 2007

Lost Planet Wars – Capcom Sequel Due on PS3? News

Plus, new Lost Planet Maps on Live

19 Feb 2007

Something for the Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Details? Packshots? Screens? SPOnG's got em all...

16 Feb 2007

Clover Studios Team Reforms News

Guys behind Res Evil, Devil May Cry, Okami and more

15 Feb 2007

Okami on Wii? News

Reports suggest 'yes'

13 Feb 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Loads and loads of them

09 Feb 2007

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts on VC, XBLA and PS3 Network News

So says ESRB listing

05 Feb 2007

Capcom Working on New Wii Title News

Dead Rising creator spills Wii beans in Japan

23 Jan 2007

Dead Rising to Become Franchise News

Million plus copies of first game already shipped

11 Jan 2007

Capcom Moves Staff To Hollywood News

Watch out for that casting couch... like, toadally!

30 Dec 2006

A Million Lost Planet Demos Downloaded News

Capcom rather chuffed

18 Dec 2006

Female Journalist Attacked for New Wii News

Xmas shopper’s anger levels reach danger-pitch

18 Dec 2006

Life After DoA: Is Street Fighter Next For Holly Valance News

To make us all cry? Again...?

31 Oct 2006

Capcom to Close Clover Studio News

Studio bows out with Euro Okami

12 Oct 2006

Record Attendance at Tokyo Game Show News

PS3 packs 'em in.

25 Sep 2006

The Charts: Three 360 Exclusives in Top Five News

Record market share for Microsoft's next-gen console.

12 Sep 2006

Devil Will Cry! News

Next Friday! Capcom launch DMC 4 countdown site.

01 Sep 2006

Capcom Moves Most Xbox 360 Games News

Street Fighter and Dead Rising biggest on 360 right now.

30 Aug 2006

In Brief: Street Fighter II Patch News

Time out and other issues resolved.

29 Aug 2006

Lost Planet to Make Jump Away from Xboxculsivity? News

Capcom vague of future of blaster

25 Aug 2006

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting – Best-Selling XBLA to Date News

Capcom's classic beat-em-up does the business on Live

07 Aug 2006

Dead Rising Demo on Xbox Live Today News

Sick of zombies in shopping malls? This game is for you.

04 Aug 2006

Dead Rising NOT Banned in Germany. Game Freely Available at Launch News

Game unrated. Legal to sell...

20 Jul 2006

Resident Evil Exclusive to Wii. Announcement Expected Within Weeks News

Survival horror Gun Survivor update?

12 Jul 2006

Leipzig: Lost Planet multiplayer mash-up News

Capcom’s Ice Cold, SciFi shooter unveiling continues

10 Jul 2006

Lost Planet: Xbox 360 Hands On News

Cold planet. Hot game.

17 May 2006

The Charts – Clean Sweep for FIFA News

EA’s World Cup game scores hat-trick.

16 May 2006

GRAW fails to take Number One slot News

This week’s charts – Ubisoft denied, 360 grows

14 Mar 2006

Capcom Release a Shower of New Screens News

Lost Planet, Okami, Dead Rising, Ghosts n Goblins and more.

20 Feb 2006

Japanese Publishers Outline 360 Plans News

Famitsu magazine quizzes major players.

30 Jan 2006

Capcom Announces Street Fighter Hard-on Collection News

Alpha/Zero trilogy for PlayStation 2 looms.

25 Jan 2006

GameStarz: The Alps News

Playing at being Real Guitar Heroes

20 Jan 2006

Seizures: Daily Mail in Old News Shocker News

Epileptic boy has epileptic fit

10 Jan 2006

New Devil May Cry Update Only Gets US Release News

European gamers definitely 'Will Cry'

05 Jan 2006

DS brings PSone horror classic Resident Evil back to death News

Capcom shows moving footage of Deadly Shadows

19 Dec 2005

Resident Evil 5 To Be Next-gen Flagship Title News

Simultaneous Xbox 360 and PS3 launch planned.

14 Dec 2005

Another 360 Exclusive From Capcom: Has MS Struck Gold? News

Or is it Dino Crisis 3 all over again?

14 Dec 2005

Viewtiful Joe PSP: Fresh Screenshot Gold News

More hardcore Capcom goodness revealed.

09 Dec 2005

Street Fighter 4: New Title/Details/Lies? News

Internet + demand = rumour explosion.

22 Sep 2005

Conamicom? Merger talks flare News

Capcom and Konami looking to combine…

20 Sep 2005

Resident Evil 4 Bumper Pack for PlayStation 2 Revealed News

Figure, t-shirt, stuff.

02 Sep 2005

Brand New Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts for PSP – First Images and Details! News

2D/3D convergence loving from Capcom.

01 Sep 2005

No Street Fighter 4...Yet News

JAMMA show delivers dragon punch to rumours.

01 Sep 2005

Street Fighter 4: Just Days Away? News

Here’s hoping – Capcom announcement fuels fire.

30 Aug 2005

Resident Evil DS – New Screens! News

That are really, really small…

26 Aug 2005

Resident Evil DS confirmed – first images News

It might have been obvious but it’s still rather joyous

24 Aug 2005

Street Fighter 4 mooted for JAMMA 2005 News

Rumoured Sega arcade line-up also emerges.

15 Aug 2005

Fresh Screens: Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 2 Shines… News

Polygon counters need not apply.

12 Aug 2005

Killer 7 - Thompson! Down boy! News

Attorney Jack Thompson; can anybody take him seriously?

08 Aug 2005

Resident Evil 5: Direct Feed 1280x Resolution Screens! News

They're big, bad and oh so beautiful…

25 Jul 2005

Resident Evil on DS? News

Rumours of REmake abound.

05 Jul 2005

Avanti, Dante News

Devil May Cry 4 confirmed for PS3.

17 May 2005

PS3 Games list trickles through News

First news of what games you will be playing at or near day one.

17 May 2005

Warning! Without Warning Screens News

Capcom and CiRCLE Studio’s first joint offering yields new shots.

11 Apr 2005

Capcom Retro Game Collections Finally Shown News

Goodies galore as the 1940s and Ghouls collide.

17 Mar 2005

Capcom Denies PlayStation 2 Resi 4 Dumb-Down News

Angry reaction to GameCube superiority claims

21 Feb 2005

Capcom Classics Collection - Information Gradually Leaking Out News

Arcade vs. console and more – speculation from horse's mouth.

08 Feb 2005

Fanboy Polygon-Counting Engulfs PlayStation 2 Resi 4 News

Sony’s machine showing its age, sales figures.

07 Feb 2005

Namco Vs Capcom Revealed. Really! Full Details Inside News

Strategy RPG with fighting. It’s just so Japanese.

26 Jan 2005

Killer 7 Dated as Gameplay Speculation Reaches Critical Mass News

Wall of silence breeds fears - what is K7?

11 Jan 2005

GameCube killer-app swansong PAL dated News

Resident Evil 4 – The wait begins in earnest

17 Dec 2004

More Killer 7 Beauty as Gameplay Questions Reach Fever Pitch News

Capcom wall of secrecy breached – truth soon.

16 Dec 2004

Turn white with PSP Bleach screens News

More ‘PSP has stunning game’ shock news

10 Dec 2004

Capcom Fighting Jam: New screens, new hope News

And big angry monsters to boot

17 Nov 2004

Games encouraging violent behaviour? Not a chance as Resi 4 chainsaw controller revealed News

And it’s not even a joke, see the pics inside!

12 Nov 2004

Exclusive: Resident Evil 4 confirmed for Xbox News

Multiformat release revealed

06 Nov 2004

Capcom looks to cross-pollinate with movie industry News

Devil May Cry - The Movie: The Game, anyone?

05 Nov 2004

Busty cartoon vampires about your midriff News

Vampire Chronicles PSP first screens

02 Nov 2004

Oops! Capcom forgets regional protection for SFAC News

And recalls game – Full story inside

01 Nov 2004

Nintendo reeling – Resident Evil 4 confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Final exclusivity back down from Capcom compounds GameCube woes

01 Nov 2004

Nintendo unveils and dates solid line-up for early 2005 News

Capcom, THQ & Ubisoft covering the bases

27 Oct 2004

Viewtiful Stranger – Co-op mode ousted from VJ2 News

Rubbish news indeed

19 Oct 2004

Capcom Fighting Jam confirmed for December release date News

PS2 version this year and Xbox next

07 Oct 2004

Microsoft's Japanese assault: Xbox Arcade and incredible sub £100 bundles News

Xbox to get a second chance in land of the rising sun?

04 Oct 2004

Latest Killer 7 images emerge as speculation surrounding game intensifies News

Questions unanswered – Nice screens though

27 Sep 2004

Capcom's mystery title is... Demento! News

It's insane, mad and bewitched, suggests the teaser

24 Sep 2004

Capcom confirms it will work across all 3 next-gen platforms News

Industry stalwarts take all-inclusive approach for next-gen

23 Sep 2004

PSP Tokyo Game Show Game Line-Up Takes Shape News

Capcom, Konami, Koei and Hudson prepare for TGS

13 Sep 2004

Capcom To Produce Viewtiful Joe - The TV Series! News

Joe prepares for career on the small-screen

02 Sep 2004

Resident Evil 4 pushed back into 2005 News

Capcom's GC survival-horror title suffers small delay.

04 Aug 2004

Clover Studios offers fresh eye candy - Okami video unleashed News

Viewtiful Joe creators shows off divine water-colour wolf.

02 Aug 2004

Capcom starting work on Viewtiful Joe 3? News registered

27 Jul 2004

Devil May Cry 3 Screenshot Frenzy Inside News

Dante’s third PS2 adventure exposes itself

22 Jul 2004

Capcom debunks Street Fighter 4 chatter News

2D fighter rethink canned at rumour stage

20 Jul 2004

Capcom Announces Official European Release Schedule News

Plenty of PAL goodness dated.

09 Jul 2004

New Game Studio Established by ex-Street Fighter Producer News

Cutting the ribbon at Craft and Meister.

23 Jun 2004

Resident Evil 4: Still to Ship in 2004! News

Retail blunder ignites release chatter - full explanation inside.

15 Jun 2004

Capcom Updates Latest Release Schedule News

Big names dated.

09 Jun 2004

Screens to Make You Panic News

Capcom’s latest cel-shading gets Under The Skin.

08 Jun 2004

More Delightful Resident Evil 4 Details News

Capcom’s splatter-fest takes shape.

04 Jun 2004

Capcom: Onimusha to see Seventh Game This Fiscal! News

Franchise power as hack-‘em-up breaks record.

24 May 2004

Viewtiful Joe 2 and Viewtiful Joe Too News

Revealed at the beautiful show.

17 May 2004

Trigger Pulled on Killer 7 News

Missing in Action at E3.

17 May 2004

Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 News

They wouldn’t let it lie…

14 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall - Filling in the gaps News

Activision, Eidos, THQ and Capcom explained

14 May 2004

Mega Man X Command Mission News

He's blue, he's got bombs and he's back

13 May 2004

Capcom Fighting Jam News

Preserves the goodness

13 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

Resident Evil 4 Back On Top News

Gruesome 'Cube splatterfest.

13 May 2004

Shadow Of Rome Unearthed News

Togas, gladiators and bits of broken pottery.

13 May 2004

Street Fighter 2 Hits Xbox News

Hadouken indeed.

13 May 2004

E3 2004 Capcom Showcase News

Full of fanboy favourites.

12 May 2004

Sony PSP Developers Confirmed News

Matching Nintendo’s 100-strong DS support.

12 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

Viewtiful Joe II Xbox Chatter... News

...debunked by Capcom Europe.

05 May 2004

Hello Viewtiful News

Viewtiful Joe comes to PS2, plus VJ2 screens and 'Nature Adventure' Okami.

26 Apr 2004

Viewtiful Joe 2 artwork ignites imagination News

Cartoon rebirth set for Christmas

22 Apr 2004

Viewtiful Joe 2 Detail Explosion News

Seminal Capcom cartoon classic set for return.

21 Apr 2004

Capcom to Make Online PAL Move at Last News

Monster Hunter leapfrogs Outbreak.

20 Apr 2004

Resident Evil Outbreak II: First Quality Screens! News

Online second edition shows true future.

13 Apr 2004

Biohazard Outbreak 2 Confirmed News

Details from online sequel emerge.

07 Apr 2004

Capcom Reeling From Disastrous Financials News

Huge profit turns into terrible loss for Japanese games firm.

31 Mar 2004

Secret Biological Weapon That Turns All Living Creatures Into Flesh-Eating Zombies! News

Don't worry, it's only a game - Resident Evil: Outbreak update.

26 Mar 2004

Exclusive Killer 7 Details, Latest Screens News

Anticipated game delivers the goods.

24 Mar 2004

No Zombies in Resident Evil 4! News

Hiroyuki Kobayashi - our hopes he did dashi!

24 Mar 2004

When cartoons attack! Latest bloodbath Killer 7 images! News

Capcom cel-shaded innovator brimming with claret

18 Mar 2004

Resident Evil 4 - the best-looking GameCube game to date - Fresh screens! News

Key point in software and hardware evolution approaches.

18 Mar 2004

Viewtiful Sequel in the Works? News

Gamers demand successor to Capcom gem.

17 Mar 2004

Tiny Screens of 2D Violence News

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike PlayStation 2 screenlets.

15 Mar 2004

Red Dead Revolver Gets off Horse, Drinks Milk News

Cowboy action - surely a genre seedling.

15 Mar 2004

Online Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Confirmed! News

Network play info and more inside!

11 Mar 2004

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Confirmed for PlayStation 2! News

Shock Naomi dust-off set for Sony machine.

10 Mar 2004

Not for the Faint-Hearted – First Official Resident Evil 4 Screens Emerge News

Capcom gets dark – planet awaits horror masterpiece.

05 Mar 2004

PS2 Killer 7 to Launch Alongside GameCube Version in Japan – New Gameplay Details Inside News

US and Europe still to see GC exclusivity period – game length revealed inside.

01 Mar 2004

Red Dead Revolver! New Screens! News

The game that avoided Boot Hill rides high!

26 Feb 2004

Sega and Capcom Team Up News

Steel Fang set for PC this year.

25 Feb 2004

Resident Evil 4 totally exposed in latest games industry leak News

Full gory details revealed.

13 Feb 2004

Exactly When is Too Early to Write off a Game? News

Marvel Vs Capcom no more – EA to develop fighter in Canada.

09 Feb 2004

Capcom Makes Another GameCube Switch – Killer 7 for PlayStation 2 News

Exclusive game makes platform jump before original even releases.

30 Jan 2004

It’s another giant, weird Capcom peripheral! News

This time, shaped like a sword. Um, yes...

16 Jan 2004

Resident Evil 4 PlayStation 2 and Xbox Debunked News

Capcom makes exclusive commitment - Timeline not explained

09 Jan 2004

Biohazard 4 - Another Capcom Back-down? News

Rumour suggests fresh GameCube exclusivity cop-out.

05 Jan 2004

2004 at a Glance: Resident Evil 4 News

3D and exclusive to GameCube - for now.

24 Dec 2003

Red Not Dead Revolver News

Rockstar saves cult Capcom title.

19 Dec 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos – First PlayStation 2 Screens, New Details News

And surprisingly, it looks exactly the same as the original.

16 Dec 2003

New Bigwigs at Capcom News

Japanese giant appoints new president and chief.

12 Dec 2003

Killer 7 Slips and Slides… News

Next year for the US, Christmas release expected in Europe.

04 Dec 2003

Capcom’s network game causes pant-soiling News

Latest Biohazard Outbreak screens rock world.

10 Nov 2003

Resident Evil blunder causes Capcom laugh-a-thon News

Brand new Resident Evil game? Amazing errors revealed inside.

05 Nov 2003

Beta testers wanted for Steel Battalion sequel News

Go on, 'mech' the effort!

02 Oct 2003

Capcom lost millions on Grand Theft Auto! News

Oof! Feeling the pinch of anti-violence gaming.

30 Sep 2003

World's first Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition screens! News

See two different Chun Li balls!

26 Sep 2003

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary details right here! News

Medley re-make spells further 2D happiness.

26 Sep 2003

New Street Fighter II confirmed News

Hyper II X brings the love

15 Sep 2003

First concrete Sammy Vs Capcom details News

Platform and plans outlined.

12 Sep 2003

World exclusive: Sammy Vs Capcom revealed! News

Vs series injected with life – amazing news inside!

11 Sep 2003

Grand Theft Auto III goes missing from Capcom News

Tokyo Game Show no-show raises eyebrows.

10 Sep 2003

Capcom clarifies Killer 7 perspective mystery News

First and third person views confirmed.

09 Sep 2003

Killer 7 gore shock News

Guns and nastiness prevail.

02 Sep 2003

Resident Evil: Outbreak PAL network plans in doubt. News

Survival horror could be offline in Europe.

01 Sep 2003

Exclusive: Red Dead Revolver and Dead Phoenix not canned! News

Capcom Japan speaks – company line followed.

01 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

And the winners are…

29 Aug 2003

Fighting All-Stars throws in the towel News

Capcom coin-op bites the dust.

28 Aug 2003

Capcom learns not to put the word "Dead" in game titles News

Red Dead Revolver and Dead Pheonix: Dead

13 Aug 2003

Biohazard producer sets up new studio News

Okamoto plans multi-format future.

30 Jun 2003

Maximo 2 slips into 2004 News

Capcom platformer to miss Xmas sales boom.

26 Jun 2003

Biohazard Collector’s Box triggers drooling News

Capcom rewards the brave.

18 Jun 2003

Street Fighter gallery opens! News

Jealousy ensues.

16 Jun 2003

SNK Vs Capcom roster nears completion News

More to come still surely

03 Jun 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos update – new characters revealed News

What promises to be one of the best games of late just got better.

29 May 2003

Capcom plans Street Fighter birthday bash News

But at fifteen years, will it become surly and grow a rubbish moustache?

27 May 2003

SNK Vs Capcom Chaos News

Joyous Joysticks! More 2D scrapping action on the way.

16 May 2003

Steel Battalion Clunks Online News

Big tanks, big joysticks and big ideas for online play.

14 May 2003

Capcom Conference News

They came, they saw, they conferred.

13 May 2003

Street Fighter 2 set to return! News

Capcom announces intention to resurrect old firm.

08 May 2003

Steel Battalion goes online! Massive joystick to rise again News

Capcom’s impressive E3 line-up laced with surprises.

02 May 2003

Online Resident Evil renamed News

From Network Resident Evil to…

01 May 2003

SNK VS CAPCOM joy and happiness News

Feel the love of more character announcements

25 Apr 2003

Players may cry News

A poor financial turnout for Capcom in 2002, means 18 projects have been canned. Dishonour!

24 Apr 2003

Capcom's Lucky GameCube Five not exclusive? News

Biohazard 4 is definitely a GC only title, though. Sorry Xbox and PS2 die-hards.

23 Apr 2003

Capcom 18 aftershock News

More dragon-punches issued at Capcom.

23 Apr 2003

GameCube back-out sees Capcom shares rocket News

Markets react favourably to multi-platform stance.

08 Apr 2003

Capcom reaffirms GameCube support, at least ‘till Resi 4 News

Resident Evil and Zero to remain exclusive.

07 Apr 2003

Capcom backs away from 'Cube? News

Resi just too big for single format

04 Apr 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos – new characters revealed! News

It’s the big fellas!

31 Mar 2003

SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos – first art inside! Mai swells! News

Neo Geo re-work spells limitless joy.

21 Mar 2003

Capcom to patch Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO for Live! News

Latest Xbox after-market fix announced.

21 Mar 2003

Kinji Fukasaku dies News

Capcom director passes

20 Mar 2003

Resident Evil Online details emerge News

Capcom breaks its network silence.

19 Mar 2003

Capcom’s Onimusha Buraiden gets name change for European release News

‘Other side-story’ not chosen.

18 Mar 2003

The Italian Job finds favour with US magazine News

And what will the Japanese Michael Caine sound like?

14 Mar 2003

First Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts Online screens emerge! News

It’s Arthur, and a hut. And that’s about it…no, there’s a tree too!

11 Mar 2003

Capcom shows how to build a franchise as samurai rework looms News

Shock horror! Capcom announces Onimusha sequel.

10 Mar 2003

Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins Online platform details revealed News

It’s a party, and you’re all invited!

05 Mar 2003

First Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts Online details emerge News

Cross-platform networking deal revealed.

04 Mar 2003

No more coin-op for Capcom News

It's game over, sadly.

28 Feb 2003

Capcom Fighting All Stars canned? News

Negative feedback may prove terminal.

26 Feb 2003

Brand new Zelda GBA revealed News

At Capcom, no less!

25 Feb 2003

Xbox comes of age News

With the help of the DOA girls – Japanese charts show GameCube outsell shock.

18 Feb 2003

Capcom Fighting All Stars at AOU! News

3D fighter only offering – fully revised version planned.

12 Feb 2003

Amazing new Ghosts 'n' Goblins shocks world News

Must read - unbelievable Capcom news

30 Jan 2003

Capcom – ‘Resi will be budget’ News

Alarmist reports rubbished by Japanese giant.

21 Jan 2003

Capcom GameCube back-out revealed News

Exclusive titles go multi-format, denials begin in earnest.

17 Jan 2003

Diesel to design Devil May Cry 2 outfits News

More bizarre lifestyle tie-ins surface.

13 Jan 2003

Capcom share slump as Nintendo buy-out dismissed News

President breaks silence as wave crest vanishes

23 Dec 2002

Two new game movies announced News

Tekken and Onimusha get the silver treatment

19 Dec 2002

What’s happening at Capcom? News

Publishing strangeness and missing titles.

18 Dec 2002

Nintendo announcement looms today? News

Frenzy! Nintendo UK in Germany. World holds breath.

17 Dec 2002

Nintendo Update News

Megaton Announcement looms early next week

12 Dec 2002

Nintendo to buy Capcom News

Megaton Announcement revealed?

12 Dec 2002

Resident Evil release timeline revealed News

It's kinda good, and kinda bad.

11 Dec 2002

Capcom to announce five for GameCube News

Romance continues in Japan.

28 Nov 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 on Xbox Live News

Confirmation of live fighting sees 18 month Japanese lag.

28 Nov 2002

Capcom's Lucky GameCube 5 Revealed News

And Resident Evil 4. Told ya so.

15 Nov 2002

Scientists 'mech' love News

It's not even out here yet and it's already bagged an award

11 Nov 2002

Resident Evil 4 to be revealed this week? News

That's what reports from Japan suggest...

11 Nov 2002

New Capcom racer revealed News

auto modelista spawns lifelike seed, fires MS buyout rumours.

09 Oct 2002

World Exclusive: Strider 3 for Xbox enters Capcom’s thoughts News

Nakajima reveals possible future for legendary shoot 'em up.

28 Sep 2002

Capcom losses spell Microsoft buy-out News

Dire losses spark acquisition frenzy.

27 Sep 2002

Gun Survivor 4 revealed News

Spin-off light gun title emerges.

24 Sep 2002

Capcom reveals Onimusha spin-off News

Hack ‘n’ slash goes RPG portable.

23 Sep 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

Capcom Fighting All Stars News

World Exclusive details inside

05 Sep 2002

Capcom 3D fighter: First screenshots emerge News

Is this Capcom’s mainstream beat-em-up?

05 Sep 2002

Spring, the season of rebirth and happiness: No bloody chance! News

Capcom confirms Resident Evil 0 sooner than expected.

03 Sep 2002

New Capcom 3D fighter uncovered News

Is this Capcom All-Stars?

30 Aug 2002

Capcom All-Star 2D fighter in the works News

PS2-compatible arcade release before the year is out!

28 Aug 2002

Capcom announces GameCube Resident Evil budget ports News

Original versions of RE2 and 3 loom.

28 Jun 2002

Capcom shifts 25 million Street Fighters News

Shoryuken all the way to the bank.

19 Jun 2002

Dino Crisis 3 for Xbox shots released News

Good old Capcom…

13 Jun 2002

Steady on now! News

Capcom to release 74 games this year

11 Jun 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

07 Jun 2002

More evil from Capcom News

Resident Evil: Evil that resides in your home... but not until 2003.

06 Jun 2002

Seen any ghosts at E3? We have… News

Creepy goings-on at Capcom.

24 May 2002

Devilishly good! News

Capcom get back on Route 666.

24 May 2002

Zero hour is approaching News

Capcom takes Resident Evil back in time.

24 May 2002

auto modellista update News

Lower case, higher quality.

23 May 2002

Breath of Fire V coming to PlayStation 2 News

Capcom reveal latest in long-running RPG series.

21 May 2002

First sign of Playmore as Capcom Vs SNK Pro gears up News

New SNK company makes its mark.

24 Apr 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 GameCube details emerge News

Stands for Easy Operation.

11 Apr 2002

All-new Auto Modellista screens released News

Racing fans smile. Cartoon fans grin. Fans of both weep with joy.

10 Apr 2002

Neo Geo version of SNK Vs Capcom revealed! News

SNK Neo Geo Japan has officially confirmed the existence of a Neo Geo version of Capcom Vs SNK, this time called SNK Vs Capcom.

02 Apr 2002

Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts Confirmed for GBA! News

Capcom has confirmed that it will be porting the SNES version of its classic platform game Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts to Game Boy Advance later this year.

19 Mar 2002

More cheap PSone goodness: Capcom Vs SNK latest screens! News

It's not CvS2, but it'll do.

18 Mar 2002

Remember GamePark? Capcom support announced! News

From humble beginings, the GP32 looks set to take on Nintendo

15 Mar 2002

Famitsu rates GameCube Resident Evil remake News

Eyebrows are raised

15 Mar 2002

Metal Slug for PlayStation News

X-rated Screens Revealed!

15 Mar 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 announced for GameCube! News

Amazing GameCube news for fighting fans

08 Mar 2002

Capcom stop the fighting, put away the guns, and offer us something a bit different. News

Capcom today confirmed it will be publishing Everblue for PlayStation 2 this Spring.

06 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

Resident Evil switches away from Mikami production? News

New producer for BioHazard online?

18 Feb 2002

PlayStation BB third party line-up revealed! News

Details have emerged concerning third-party support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s dedicated PlayStation 2 broadband network, PlayStation BB.

14 Feb 2002

More GameCube Horror! News

Yet more Evil screenshots.

04 Feb 2002

Capcom’s Evil Focus Centred on Nintendo News

Influential survival horror takes over.

28 Jan 2002

Capcom Vs SNK 2 arcade will not come to Europe News

Europe officially sucks for gaming!

24 Jan 2002

Potentially gamebreaking bug in Capcom Vs. SNK 2 News

Capcom's lead tester probably sacked.

23 Jan 2002

Amazing SNK Update: We’re back in Business! News

SNK on the comeback trail.

21 Jan 2002

Coming soon: European Arcade Expo and Medal of Honour producer interview! News

Next week, we will be most busy, doggedly tracking down the best gaming news for your enjoyment.

18 Jan 2002

Microsoft Courts Square for Further Development Opportunities News

Just how big a role will Xbox play at Japanese launch, February 22?

18 Jan 2002

The Hulk slips away from Capcom and Activision News

New TIH games planned

16 Jan 2002

Next Capcom Vs game to be Dragonball Z? News

Goku, Gohan, Babioi and co to be pitted against Capcom’s finest?

02 Jan 2002

Exclusive! GBA Street Fighter Alpha 3: New character screens! News

First look here and here only!

18 Dec 2001

Exclusive - Stunning Street Fighter Alpha 3 GBA News: News

New characters revealed, full game system, completion dates, modes and rumblings of portable Capcom Vs SNK 2 inside!

17 Dec 2001

Resident Evil GameCube Update News

More screens from 128-bit creation of PlayStation classic.

10 Dec 2001

Marilyn Manson to write Resident Evil soundtrack News

Evil Rocker for Evil game announced!

29 Nov 2001

Secret Gamecube Title Underway at Capcom News

Ssshh. Is that the grinding of the rumour mill I hear?

28 Nov 2001

Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis, First Screens News

Capcom has kindly sent us the first screens of its upcoming PlayStation 2 lightgun shooter Dino Crisis: Gun Survivor for your perusal.

28 Nov 2001

Resident Evil, New Screens News

Parental guidance is advised. You have been warned.

21 Nov 2001

Street Fighter Alpha 3 American packaging revealed! News

And you were holding out for Turbo Revival!

09 Nov 2001

Capcom confirms Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis News

More gaming by numbers fun from Capcom - We told you so!

30 Oct 2001

Capcom and Namco to host joint event News

GunCon showdown looms in Japan

29 Oct 2001

Capcom producing Dino Crisis lightgun shooter? News

Dino Crisis: Gun Survivor rumoured

25 Oct 2001

Sega leads game company revival on the exchange News

Games bounce back to the relief of shareholders

22 Oct 2001

New Characters for Home Conversion of Capcom Vs SNK 2 News

Capcom has just announced that the home versions of Capcom Vs SNK 2 will feature two new characters that are not featured in the Arcade version.

28 Sep 2001

Code Veronica... with a Gun! News

Capcom to launch a second arcade style Resident Evil game.

25 Sep 2001

Capcom and Nintendo Compete News

Companies get into bed, then go head-to-head.

21 Sep 2001

Capcom on GameCube News

More Resident Evil nuggets. Ooh, chilling.

20 Sep 2001

Resident Evil Goes Pocket-Sized News

Evil that resides in your hand.

20 Sep 2001

Hope for PS2-owning Resident Evil fans! News

Exclusive, but for how long? Capcom speaks inside.

17 Sep 2001

New Capcom arcades loom? News

Rumour update form Japan. Is Capcom about to shock us all?

10 Sep 2001

Tokyo Game Show: First Confirmed Titles News

Major industry players unveil the goodies for Japan's home event.

07 Sep 2001

Street Fighter Alpha 3 for Game Boy Advance first look! News

High grade portable violence in the palm of your hand

24 Aug 2001

Capcom Vs SNK 2 Released Today! News

War breaks out on the Eastern front.

03 Aug 2001

New Devil May Cry screens News

And an updated gameplay model. Cool!

02 Aug 2001

Bonus Capcom Vs SNK disc for Dreamcast. Publisher needed! News

Why those Japanese! They get all the good stuff...

30 Jul 2001

Columbine publishers move to quash case News

Trial put into doubt. Poor reason given.

24 Jul 2001

Amazing cross platform Capcom Vs SNK news! News

Oh my God! Arcade vs Dreamcast Vs PS2... All online...

16 Jul 2001

Capcom confirms more XBox titles News

More Japanese developer support welcomed by Microsoft

13 Jul 2001

Exclusive: Capcom Europe will not publish CVS 2 for Dreamcast News

Dreamcast gets a break in Japan as Europe holds its breath

13 Jul 2001

Capcom Vs SNK confirmed for Dreamcast! News

Good news for DC owners

20 Jun 2001

Onimusha 2: First Look and Details! News

More survival, action, adventure type stuff from Capcom

15 Jun 2001

Capcom Back The Dreamcast Fuelling DC Capcom vs SNK 2 Rumours News

Capcom continue to support Sega.

31 May 2001

Capcom reaffirms its independence News

Will Capcom team up with Square, Namco and Enix?

28 May 2001

Capcom reaffirms its independence News

Will Capcom team up with Square, Namco and Enix?

28 May 2001

Capcom opens office in online gaming world centre News

Arcade online from the East

11 May 2001

Breath of Fire to be released for GBA News

At last! A decent GBA RPG!

07 May 2001

Capcom Confirms GameCube Exclusive Resident Evil News

Evil finds a new home, Mario's terrified.

17 Apr 2001

New Details On Capcom's American Arm's First Project News

A new platform game from Capcom is bound to make a few people happy :)

09 Apr 2001

Capcom puts the boot into the Xbox News

Japanese Xbox prospects take another knock

28 Mar 2001

Arcade CLASSIC 1945 returns to home console News

Classic shoot-em-ups will never die, if Capcom has anything to do with it.

28 Mar 2001

Capcom takes the same road as Sega News

Another sad day for the video game industry.

20 Mar 2001

Two new Capcom arcade games to shown at Tokyo Game Show News

If it ain't broke, update it.

20 Mar 2001

New screenshots and Information - Street Fighter 2 Advance News

THE GameBoy Advance game every CAPCOM fan is looking forward to!

19 Mar 2001

Capcom Reveals First Screens and Details Of SSF2 and Final Fight Advance News

GameBoy Advance Bet-em-ups on the way.

16 Mar 2001

Devil May Cry demo to ship with Code Veronica News

Vampire chaos freebie to ship with new survival horror title for PS2

28 Feb 2001

Evil Has a New Home. News

Sold Out has further bolstered its PC budget range with the addition of Capcom's Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 titles.

27 Feb 2001

Five Years of Evil from Capcom News

Capcom prepares to celebrate half a decade of pure terror.

27 Feb 2001

Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 4 for Multiple Platforms News

As the Dreamcast bids us fairwell, Capcom search for new home

19 Feb 2001

Battle Network Rockman Exe on Game Boy Advance News

Capcom is supporting the Advance with a new Rockman adventure.

29 Jan 2001

Resident Evil 4 in development News

Next dose of zombie destruction heading your way

28 Jan 2001

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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