Capcom starting work on Viewtiful Joe 3? registered

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Capcom starting work on Viewtiful Joe 3?
When a games publisher registers a domain name that rightfully belongs to a videogame title, the implication is fairly obvious. So when Capcom registered the URL, keen-nosed investigative journalists would probably be right to declare that a Viewtiful Joe 3 game is on the cards. In which case we would like to make that same announcementĖ Viewtiful Joe 3 is probably on the cards.

Capcom hasnít actually confirmed the existence of this third part in the excellent Viewtiful Joe series, but given the quality and success of the first two VJ titles, it does seem entirely feasible. Also, the fact that Capcom hasnít yet reserved domains with incrementally higher numerical suffixes would suggest that this isnít just a vacant exercise to deny anyone else from grabbing the name.

As soon as we get the official word from Capcom, read it here first.


Joji 28 Jul 2004 14:20
No suprise really VJ is bringing home the bacon for Capcom. It's sweet when a title that wasn't expected to be such a hit does so well.

Come on, not so long ago there was a bit about SF4, just because nothing has been said, it's successful enough a series that more is inevitable in time. The same goes for VJ.
Alan is my first name 28 Jul 2004 20:40
Quality and success of the first two titles? Wouldn't it be just a bit daft to declare quality and success to a game (Viewitful Joe 2) that hasn't even come out yet?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Viewtiful Joe, and I can't wait for the sequel. But this just seems like a reassurance plan on Capcom's part as they wait to see how VJ2 does.

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Gareth Edwards 29 Jul 2004 07:53
or ... Capcom could just be protecting its IP from domain squatters - keeping its options open.
Rakia 1 Apr 2006 16:26
Obviously their going to make another.
At the end of VJ 2, they state it.
Locke 8 May 2007 03:35
VJ 2 was amazing...

totally amazing...

they have to come out with a three...

there is no way their souls can cope with not giving us the gift of VJ 3....
Watches u p 12 May 2007 04:22
i like nuts
devil-dante 5 Mar 2008 10:53
i love all the viewtiful joe series there brilliant (2nd favourite game 4 me-devil may cry`s my 1st xD)
HiddenCharacters 8 Aug 2009 20:21
i think when they make the 3rd one they should bring to hidden characters back that was awesome
Mr IT- the Inglorious Tyrant 23 Oct 2009 21:14
They have got to end the story. By the looks of the final episode of the show, the true enemy is REALLY awesome!

Why did the series go up in smoke? Capcom really did it this time!
Mr IT- the Inglorious Tyrant 24 Nov 2009 21:28

I agree. When Clover Studios shut down, we lost a good series.
I may just become a videogame programmer and make the third myself.
Mr IT- the Inglorious Tyrant 6 Jan 2010 21:03
One last note: there IS a possibility it COULD happen!

The question is: will Capcom allow this to happen? I just hope for their sake they do!
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