Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting ? Best-Selling XBLA to Date

Capcom's classic beat-em-up does the business on Live

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Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting – Best-Selling XBLA to Date
Capcom happily informed SPOnG today that its first title for Xbox Live Arcade, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, released last week as part of Microsoft's XBLA Wednesday's initiative, has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to date.

Their press release informs us that there are "hundreds of matches being played every hour" which is a testament to "Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting's ...arcade roots [and] timeless gameplay."

"It'll be exciting to see who ranks number one on Xbox Live Arcade after the first weekend of gamers playing the greatest arcade title in history," said Charles Bellfield, vice president of marketing, Capcom Entertainment Inc.

There is some confusion as to what statistics Capcom is basing its claim on - with some websites suggesting that UNO with a demo-to-sale conversion rate of between 40 and 45 percent and Geometry Wars' (conversion rate of 39 percent) are still higher up the XBLA 'chart' than the Capcom classic.

Whatever numbers they are crunching, the bottom line is that Xbox 360 owners are proving that Microsoft's XBLA strategy of teaming up with 'golden' arcade partners is clearly working.

SPOnG now looks forward to Wednesdays, previously thought to be the dullest day of the week.

If you haven't checked out the free Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting demo, then do it immediately and let us know if you think the game stands the test of time in the forums below.

Oh, and this Wednesday's XBLA classic. Pac-Man. Go on, despite your better judgement you know you want to! The guiltiest pleasures are always the best.


LUPOS 7 Aug 2006 19:06
Perhaps there is some sort of "fighting game enthusiast" demographic out there (japan im lookign at you) that thinks Deejay is cheap or that t-hawk is to slow to be effective or some such nonsense... but i can't for the life of me figure why they decided to do this version.

Two options spring to mind:
a) capcom is being capcom and will eventually release all different version again trying to milk every last cent or...

b)Sony or nintendo got priority for the better version of the game for their respective download services.

either way its a bit s**t.

Still a damned fun game but i dunno that i'll bother forking over the cash for it. Most of my child hood friends who i played SF2 with are too broke and worthless to own an xbox let alone a 360... oh that and i dont talk to them. So my personal nostalga for this game is pretty low :/

Joji 9 Aug 2006 15:41
I think this is more of a case of Capcom doing just SF2 as a test bed to see how well it will do. Capcom are good at this kind of testing and if all goes well as it is now, that means more of their hot beat em ups will grace live and other services later on.

What need next is the Turbo cut. This could be done differently, say for instance if you purchased SF2, you get SF2 Turbo for half price or something. If you buy SF2 Turbo alone it would cost more.

Come on Capcom, now you need SFA2 online.
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