Street Fighter 2 Hits Xbox

Hadouken indeed.

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Street Fighter 2 Hits Xbox
In what comes as a completely expected and totally unsurprising announcement, both SNK and Capcom have confirmed releases of their respective 2D fighting games for the Xbox. Capcom are releasing the comprehensive Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition, which includes Hyper Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. These two components mark the earliest and latest episodes in the Street Fighter 2 series, and so the package should entertain anyone with a remote interest in the classic Capcom brand. Crucially, this will allow players to compete in the worldwide forum with the use of Xbox Live. Although the Dreamcast managed this ages ago, itís still good news for fans.

Not to be left out of the equation, SNK have confirmed that they too will be blessing the Xbox with a Live!-enabled old skool style beat Ďem up. Although SVC Chaos (SNK versus Capcom: Chaos) is a new-ish game in itself, it was created for the NeoGeo and so retains an authentic retro feel. SVC contains a total of 34 characters, from various Capcom and SNK games, and will preserve the tried and tested gameplay from yesteryear. Itís all good news for Xbox-owning fighting fans.


mrnull 19 May 2004 18:23
oooooh. Xbox-LIVE old skool beat 'em up? I need an X-BOX STAT!
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