The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1

Resident Evil 5 holds the top

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The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1
The UK Charts are in from Gfk Chart-Track and SPOnG can tell you what's not at Number 1 - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. We can also tell you what is at Number 1 - it's Capcom's Resident Evil 5 again. That's despite a 52% drop in sales.

Nintendo has another non-mover at Number 2 with Wii Fit. Last week the game was outsold by RE5 by a margin of 5 to 1, but the gap has now narrowed to 2.7 to 1. Nintendo is also at Number 3, with Professor Layton up one place from Number 4.

The week's highest new entry is also, notably, not Chinatown Wars. That honour goes to THQ's WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, which enters the Top 10 at Number 4.

Number 6 is where the DS instalment in the GTA series (reviewed here) enters the Chart - right behind Ubisoft's HAWX. Chinatown Wars has sold around half of the amount that the last handheld GTA game, GTA: Vice City Stories, managed in its first week.

Retailer promotion on Street Fighter IV has bumped it up from Number 13 back into the Top 10. It now sits at Number 7 after a sales boost of 48%.

Another title that's done well from promotional activity is Brain Training. Thanks to its Mothers Day bundling with the turquoise DS Lite Starter Pack the game is right up from Number 21 to Number 8.

SEGA's MadWorld (reviewed here) has a disappointing first week. It fails to make much of an impression, landing at Number 34. There are two other new entries into the Top 40 that have beaten MadWorld - Sony's Singstar Queen (Number 22) and Scrabble Interactive: 2009 Edition from Ubisoft (Number 27).

Next week, watch out for Afro Samurai, Stormrise, Wheelman and the PS2/PS3 release of Rock Band 2.

You can see the Top 10 in full below (last week's positions are in brackets).

(1) - 1 - Resident Evil 5 - Capcom
(2) - 2 - Wii Fit - Nintendo
(4) - 3 - Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Nintendo
(NE) - 4 - WWE Legend of Wrestlemania - THQ
(3) - 5 - Tom Clancy’s HAWX - Ubisoft
(NE) - 6 - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - Rockstar
(RE) - 7 - Street Fighter IV - Capcom
(RE) - 8 - Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training - Nintendo
(6) - 9 - FIFA 09 - EA
(7) - 10 - Call of Duty: World at War - Activision Blizzard


Dreadknux 23 Mar 2009 13:30

Buy Madworld, you Wii owning fools! :P
Joe 23 Mar 2009 14:46
Err. Hello?

GTA only came out Friday you retards!
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TimSpong 23 Mar 2009 14:52
Joe wrote:
Err. Hello?

GTA only came out Friday you retards!

What on earth has that got to do with it? ResE 5 came out on the previous Friday, went to Number 1. Killzone 2 came out on the previous Friday (Feb 27) to its week at Number 1...



OptimusP 23 Mar 2009 19:38
Remember, Wii and DS games have a tendency to pick up steam after a while, like every regular product on the world.

And since when was madworld released!! And i didn't knew! damnit!
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