Beta testers wanted for Steel Battalion sequel

Go on, 'mech' the effort!

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Industry giant Capcom is looking for talented gamers to take part in the online Beta testing of Steel Battalion: Line of Contact in the near future. This is a rare opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to try out the online sequel months before its release, so don't waste it.

Anyone interested should contact Capcom at Applicants must own the original Steel Battalion game, Steel Battalion controller and have an active Xbox Live Online account to participate in testing.

Good luck gamers!

Line of Contact product information:
Based on the award-winning Steel Battalion phenomenon, Steel Battalion: Line of Contact gives players the opportunity to once again use the most elaborate controller interface ever created to partake in futuristic military warfare. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is scheduled to release across all PAL territories in spring 2004.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact allows players to pilot more than 10 new mechs over the course of the game whilst engaging in five-on-five online combat. Through Xbox Live, players must collaborate with other team members to accomplish objectives, expand their troops' territory and declare victory over adversaries. Additionally, they can search for rare VTs hidden throughout the game. The Steel Battalion universe will evolve constantly as new combat situations are introduced and as territory is gained and lost.

The award winning 40-button controller was designed to completely maximise the gaming experience and immerse the player into the role of a Vertical Tank pilot. With trigger buttons to fire weapons, foot pedals to accelerate, boost and brake, levers to shift gears and move left to right, gamers must utilise the full potential of their VT's abilities in order to survive on the battlefield. Mastering the controls of this tactical vehicle will allow players to feel as if the VT is part of their own body.

Key Features:
  • Control your VT with the exclusive 40-button simulation controller designed and produced exclusively for Steel Battalion.

  • Aside from the default cockpit view, a third-person perspective allows players to observe their VT in action during combat.

  • More than 10 new massive Vertical Tank (VT) models to control.

  • Steel Battalion: Line of Contact will make full use of the Xbox hardware in order to create ultra realistic visual effects and realistic mech battles.

  • Create and customise emblems to personalise VTs.

  • Partake in the biggest online mech melee as opposing teams of five clash on the virtual battlefield.

  • The Steel Battalion universe will evolve constantly as factions gain and lose territory and as new combat situations are introduced.

  • In Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, collaborating with team mates will be a key part of accomplishing mission objectives, all the while improving your personal combat skills.

  • Search for rare VTs hidden throughout the game.


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