Capcom learns not to put the word "Dead" in game titles

Red Dead Revolver and Dead Pheonix: Dead

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Dead Phoenix
Dead Phoenix
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Capcom Japan has today confirmed that both Red Dead Revolver and Dead Phoenix are, well, dead.

RDR was a good-looking PlayStation 2 title, with Dead Pheonix bolstering Capcom's older demographic GameCube push. Neither title will now see the light of day, despite Capcom America officials insisting otherwise of late.

The game joins the ranks of the doomed Capcom Fighting All-Stars - a 3D fighter for PlayStation 2 and arcade - which was confirmed as cancelled late last week.

As to why Capcom is having such a development purge at the moment is not clear, though perhaps the offloading of non-proven franchise projects is symptomatic of a firm that is actively looking for a suitor?

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