Red Dead Revolver Gets off Horse, Drinks Milk

Cowboy action - surely a genre seedling.

Posted by Staff
When Red Dead Revolver was announced, there was something approaching collective realisation across the games industry. Aside from the odd level in games such as TimeSplitters, no cowboy games, complete with that 'gritty Western realism' we all know and love, had been properly brought to market.

Then something rather strange happened. Capcom canned the game outright, bringing misery to the considerable number of pre-release fans RDR had already gathered. However, in the style of the great white shark, Rockstar Games smelled the buckets of blood leaking from the binned code, and snapped it up, relaunching development of the game for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Rockstar has stated that the basic game premise has remained unchanged, though the actual gameplay is believed to have undergone a massive overhaul, with insiders and various parties privy to the most recent build showing genuine excitement on the run up to its release.

For now, you'll have to make do with ogling these screens from the latest build of Red Dead Revolver, though E3 should be something to look forward to, with the game expected to make a major showing at the Los Angeles show this May.

At this moment, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions are slated for release at the end of April this year, though we have been advised that this date may well slip. We'll keep you updated.


nickeedoo 15 Mar 2004 13:53
What about that Outlaws game by Lucas Arts that came out a long time ago?
config 15 Mar 2004 16:10
nickeedoo wrote:

>What about that Outlaws game by Lucas Arts that
>came out a long time ago?


And that side-scrolling platform/shooter where you could run into the bordello's to "power up", following out by a thigh-flashing lady. The level intermission involved jumping over stampeding cattle.


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Rod Todd 15 Mar 2004 18:50
config wrote:

Jumping Jimminey, Dudes! When I hear about Red Dead Revolver (or whatever it's called) I could not have been less interested. Not if I was mister Disin J Terested, of D15 Interested Drive, Disinterestedville, Kentucky.

But now I've seen these screenshots, I've realised what a dang tootin' game this could be.

Clearly not up to the same standards of the cow jumping bordello refuelling game mentioned by Config, but surely RDR is gonna be a welcome break from the increasingly decreasing innovation level in todays games.

And think of the killer country and western soundtrack it could have. "I shot a man in Reno, Just to watch him die"
Joji 18 Mar 2004 16:17
Outlaws was a smart lil' game. It was quite a while ago though. I was pleased Rockstar picked up on RDR's potential and bagged it from Capcom. If more developers did this sort of thing we might get some cool game stuff we'd otherwise never see. I'd like to see more of this happening.

RDR looks like a spaghetti western fans wet dream come true. Riding horses and shooting lead at pesky, tobacco-chewing bandits should be better than Outlaws, the screenshots have a lot of atmosphere.

It is strange that Lucasarts haven't updated Outlaws yet, but atleast Xbox owners have a good alternative to that. RDR should be hit for Rockstar, six-shooters crossed. They deserve it.
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