Screens to Make You Panic

Capcom?s latest cel-shading gets Under The Skin.

Posted by Staff
When Capcom?s Hiroyuki Kobayashi gets involved in a cel-shaded action game, good things are expected, especially after the retro visual delights proffered by Viewtiful Joe. Under The Skin (or Meiwaku Seijin: Panic Maker as it?s known in Japan) is an even more whimsical, bouncy tartrazine fuelled jape through a crazy corner of Capcom?s catalogue. Featuring characters from Resident Evil and boasting gameplay features like Ghosts?n?Goblins? armour-falling-apart-exposing-pants energy system, Under The Skin should tip in the direction of greatness.

It's essentially just a three dimensional action game, where the player takes command of an alien with the ability to ?scan? humans and then disguise itself in that form. It?s hardly a deep concept, but Under The Skin looks like it does have the potential to live up to its name. If Capcom can inject its infectious game formula into the finished product, it could be hugely entertaining.

Panic Maker?s Japanese release is set for August 5, whilst the US will have to wait until the end of October to get its mitts on Under The Skin. A European release date has yet to be confirmed.


Joji 8 Jun 2004 10:59
Souns weird but intriguing. I'll have a look because VJ hit the spot, with RE4 and VJ2 on the way. Don't upset me, Capcom, you are onto a winning formula.
DoctorDee 8 Jun 2004 11:46
Joji wrote:

>Souns weird but intriguing. I'll have a look
>because VJ hit the spot, with RE4 and VJ2 on the
>way. Don't upset me, Capcom, you are onto a
>winning formula.

I played this at E3, and it was CRRRAAAAAAAZYYY!

I didn't have a clue what was going on (and unlike some stand, CapCom didn't have helpful show flunkies standing by at every players elbow to offer advice) so I got quite frustrated, but I couldn't stop playing it. It was fun and addictive, but bonkers!
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