Metal Slug for PlayStation

X-rated Screens Revealed!

Posted by Staff
You have to hand it to Virgin Interactive. As far as a hardcore games publisher goes, you would be rude to ask for anything more. After bringing us every fighting game released by Capcom for the Dreamcast in Europe, the company has now announced the imminent arrival of Metal Slug X

Metal Slug X is the latest home version of SNK’s seminal shoot-em-up series. Conceived on the Neo Geo MVS system and born into the loving arms of the Neo Geo AES home machine, Metal Slug made the Neo Geo system in the early days. Though the longevity of the platform must now be attributed to the King of Fighters series, Metal Slug was the game that made players (admittedly rich players) think that being able to play exactly the same games at home as were played in the arcades was a good idea.

Metal Slug X features six massive levels from the original, as well as all-new levels available in the Combat School training mode and the Special Secret Mission mode, available once the game is completed, as is a gallery mode.

The best news is that the game will cost a mere £19.99 and will play happily on your PSone.


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