First concrete Sammy Vs Capcom details

Platform and plans outlined.

Posted by Staff
First concrete Sammy Vs Capcom details
As we exclusively revealed earlier this week, Sammy and Capcom are partnering on an all-new 2D fighter, imaginatively titled Sammy Vs Capcom.

It was revealed at the JAMMA show yesterday that the game will run on Sammy?s Atomiswave arcade platform, which interestingly enough is still manufactured using modified Dreamcast stock backlogs.

Sammy stated that characters from all of Capcom?s fighting series can be licensed, naming various games including Rival Schools and Darkstalkers in particular.

Sammy also cemented plans to put the game online, using its pioneering peer-to-peer Atomiswave.NET system.

Hugely interesting, we?re sure you?ll agree. Expect absolutely everything on this game, right here, before anywhere else!


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