Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

They wouldn’t let it lie…

Posted by Staff
Plainly refusing to take one step at a time, Capcom were showing off part two in the Resident Evil Outbreak series today at E3. Even though the first game was released less than a couple of months ago in the US and hasn’t reached Europe yet, more is apparently better. Entitled Outbreak File #2, this is more of an add-on than a true sequel. Nonetheless, it should still be crammed full of the usual mutating zombie action.

Unfortunately, the online mode hasn’t been confirmed for the PAL release. If this is omitted, European gamers will only get a diminished experience. If Capcom choose to present the title in this way, it would be a huge disappointment for PS2 owners, especially as many of them will be investing in broadband adapters over the coming months in order to capitalise on the numerous online enabled games promised for later in the year.

When File #1 finally finds its way to Europe this Winter, all will be revealed.


Pandaman 15 May 2004 02:00

Ah, you'll get it when you get the game.
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