SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos – First PlayStation 2 Screens, New Details

And surprisingly, it looks exactly the same as the original.

Posted by Staff
SNK Playmore and Capcom have released the first batch of screens taken from the finalised PlayStation 2 version of SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos, the latest medley 2D beat ‘em up to make the leap from the world of arcade.

Although criticised for being unbalanced and - it has been argued - comparatively shallow, Chaos has still been a triumphant success in the arcades around the world, with 2D brawler fanatics eager to see what the SNK camp can do with Capcom’s fruitier character roster.

According to a release to Japanese press, the PS2 incarnation will feature single player and versus modes, as well as a bunch of extras, including galleries taken from Capcom and SNK games. A survival mode has also been confirmed.

At the time of writing, SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos is not slated for a release outside of Japan. As soon as this situation changes, you’ll be the first to know.


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