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Viewtiful Joe comes to PS2, plus VJ2 screens and 'Nature Adventure' Okami.

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Regular readers will recall that last week we brought you news of a sequel to Capcom's Viewtiful Joe and accompanying artwork. Well, Capcom Europe has revealed a bunch of new screens, not just for Viewtiful Joe 2, but also for the PlayStation 2 version of the original, something we thought would be on the cards as soon as we heard that VJ2 was due for release on both GameCube and PS2. More gameplay details have been confirmed too, with the inclusion of VFX Replay. This facilitates recording of your in-game actions, and upon playback, you can triple the damage dealt to your opponent. Along with the features from the first game - 'zoom in', 'Mach speed' and 'slow down' - a host of new enemies, and the opportunity to play as Joe's girlfriend Silvia, Viewtiful Joe 2 looks like a massive hit in the making.

Capcom Europe's second revelation this morning is Nature Adventure (their description, not ours) Okami. Set in a colour-less world, you take on the role of Sun God Ameterasu, and assume the form of a wolf. You are charged with defeating the supernatural monsters that have left the world devoid of colour and life, thereby restoring said attributes to the game. As a deity, Amaterasu's power is partly derived from the faith that humans put in him. The more faith people have, the stronger Amaterasu becomes, and it will be easier to defeat the baddies. It's very Japanese - just check out these screens.

Viewtiful Joe for PS2, Viewtiful Joe 2 and Okami are due for release in Japan this year. No PAL release dates have been confirmed as yet.


sue_raas 27 Apr 2004 10:48
Joji, on the ball! That PS2 version of VJ had to come. Nice one, Capcom.

And a word to all you freaks who complain about screenshot size on Spong - you get to see them for nothing, so stop whining and start clicking
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