Breath of Fire V coming to PlayStation 2

Capcom reveal latest in long-running RPG series.

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Breath of Fire V coming to PlayStation 2
Capcom of Japan has confirmed the development of Breath of Fire V for PS2. Scheduled for release in Japan in late 2002, Breath of Fire V will sport a spanking new 3D graphics engine to allow the entire game to show in three lovely dimensions. The central character is a young man called Ryu, and he originates from a subterranean city shelter.

Features not previously seen in any Breath of Fire games are a new battle system called ?Positive Encounter and Tactics System? which allows you to organise traps and decoys in advance of battle engagement, and a ?Scenario Overlay System?, where when you restart the game, your inventory and statistics gained from your previous adventure will be carried through to your next scenario. Neat-o!


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