Japanese Video Game Chart: One Piece is Number One

Chart experiencing sales slump.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: One Piece is Number One
One Piece: Gigant Battle takes the top spot in the Japanese Video Game Chart this past week (6th 12th September 2010 ? courtesy Media Create), ahead of the news and gaming fallout from the (then-upcoming, now-ongoing) Tokyo Game Show.

1 One Piece: Gigant Battle ? Namco Bandai (DS) ? 131,854 / NEW
2 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village ? Capcom (PSP) ? 55,569
3 Wii Party ? Nintendo (Wii) ? 44,908
4 Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault ? Namco Bandai (PS3) ? 12,667
5 Metroid: Other M ? Nintendo (Wii) ? 11,239
6 Super Mario Galaxy 2 ? Nintendo (Wii) ? 9,827
7 Art Academy ? Nintendo (DS) ? 8,172
8 VitaminX Evolution Plus ? D3 Publisher (PSP) ? 7,975 / NEW
9 Inazuma Eleven 3: World Challenge!! Spark/Bomber ? Level-5 (DS) ? 7,640
10 Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Taira ? Irem (PSP) ? 7,407

It's because of TGS, in fact, that overall week-on-week sales are particularly poor, with the #4 title ? Ace Combat X2 ? only earning itself 12,667 sales. That's not good at all. Besides One Piece and its manga/anime clout, the only other new release to make the Top 10 was D3's VitaminX Evolution Plus ? a typical J-Drama-esque romp.

With all the announcements and revelations made at TGS this week ? DmC, Phantasy Star Online 2, Steel Batallion, Ninja Gaiden 3 to name but a few ? there's plenty of gaming goodness for Japanese players to look forward to in the coming months. Will it all create a sales spark in the chart, though? Find out next week, eh?


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