Tokyo Game Show: First Confirmed Titles

Major industry players unveil the goodies for Japan's home event.

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Tokyo Game Show: First Confirmed Titles
The bi-annual Tokyo Game Show is about to take place on October 12-14 and CESA, the organising body, has just announced the first list of titles confirmed for exhibition.


Dragon Quest IV (PS, RPG)
Snap Kids (GBA, RPG)
Deep Fantasia (PC, Online RPG)


Onimusha 2 (PS2, Action Adventure)
Maximo (PS2, Action Adventure)
Battle Network Rockman EXE 2 (GBA, Action RPG)
Rockman X6 (PS, Action)
Hitsusi no Kimochi (GBA, Action)


Moto GP2 (PS2, Racing)
Time Crisis 2 (PS2, Gun Shooting)
Vampire Night (PS2, Gun Shooting)
Xenosaga Episode 1 (PS2, RPG)
Tekken Advance (GBA)


Robopon 2 Ring Version (GBA, RPG)
Robopon 2 Cross Version (GBA, RPG)
Momotarou Festival Rokuemon Ishikawa Gate (PS, Party)
Blender Bros. (GBA, Action)


Monster Traveller (GBA, RPG)


Kids Station: Mischievous Mon (PS, Kids)
Kids Station: Bahba Papa (PS, Kids)

Of these titles, Vampire Night, Tekken Advance and Onimusha 2 stand out as must-sees. This is a far from a complete list, but it illustrates the support that the Japanese gaming industry lends to its annual show. If only it was the same in Europe.

Stay tuned for more News from the Tokyo Game Show as it happens.


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