UK Video Game Charts: Codemasters Drives Away

Grid 2 leaves Resident Evil: Revelations for dead

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 UK Video Game Charts: Codemasters Drives Away
As you can see from our review, we didn't mind Grid 2 at all. But it appears that you lot bloody well adored it, and that adoration smashed it past last week's Chart-Track #1 game, Resident Evil: Revelations

As Chart-Track points out regarding Codemasters car racing sequel:

"The sequel goes one better than its predecessor which could only manage No2 five years ago, however launch week sales are 29% down on the original. FIFA 13 holds on to No2, enjoying a healthy 17% weekly increase in sales during this Half-Term week. Dead Island: Riptide (-0%) is up one place to No3, ahead of Far Cry 3 (+35%) which climbs 4 places to No4, boosted by a new budget price point. Last week's No1 is No5 this week as sales of Resident Evil: Revelations fall by 45%.

"Assassin's Creed III (+10%) has to settle for the title of Ubisoft's second biggest selling game this week behind Far Cry 3, despite holding on to No6. No1 three weeks ago, Metro Last Light (-40%) slips from No3 to No7, ahead of Donkey Kong Country Returns (-17%) at No8. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (+35%) bounces back into the Top 10 for a second time, at No9 (having made another reappearance back in W15). Tomb Raider (+0%) clings on to the Top 10, falling 3 places to No10. There is only one other All Formats Top 40 debut this week; Fuse from EA, new at No37."

{NE} - 01 - Grid 2 - Codemasters
{02} - 02 - FIFA 13 - Electronic Arts
{04} - 03 - Dead Island: Riptide - Deep Silver
{08} - 04 - Far Cry 3 - Ubisoft
{01} - 05 - Resident Evil: Revelations - Capcom
{06} - 06 - Assassinís Creed III - Ubisoft
{03} - 07 - Metro Last Light - Deep Silver
{05} - 08 - Donkey Kong Country Returns - Nintendo
{RE} - 09 - LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Warner Bros
{07} - 10 - Tomb Raider - Square Enix


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