Capcom To Produce Viewtiful Joe - The TV Series!

Joe prepares for career on the small-screen

Posted by Staff
There has been plenty of news about game to movie adaptations (and vice-versa) over recent months, but the revelation that TV Tokyo is planning on running a Viewtiful Joe series on the small-screen still stands out as unusual. As a game that is presented like a comic, telling the tale of a character who has been ?sucked into? a cinema production, its TV representation is an existentialist nightmare. It?s a TV show that looks like a comic and is based on a game which is pretending to be a film. Muh!

The series will span out over 52 episodes and should kick off in October: coinciding with the release of Viewtiful Joe 2. If it lives up to its potential, it should be fairly entertaining: at least as far as it can be in Japanese. If the series makes it to export, we?ll let you know.


Joji 2 Sep 2004 12:44
What was that I was saying yesterday about Sony and the Bleach manga game? And as I said you'd also see more of this cross promo anime/manga/game thing.

Capcom are seeing the money S.E are racking in and also want a slice. Full Metal Alchemist anime series and games are set to make S.E a lot more cash pretty soon, and that's not even counting the future tv series dvd sales in the equation.

Capcom are also no strangers to anime, after two SF anime films and a tv series. Is it a coincidence that VJ series also has 52 episodes like FMA? Who knows, but I'd bet this series is designed make money over two-three years. One episode a week for a year, and then the DVDs come out the second year, if not sooner. Capcom also stand to make a mint if the show is licensed for u.s tv, and then the process is repeated bringing plenty of bucks their way.
Ditto 2 Sep 2004 14:04
Sounds, umm, interesting.

Pretty low chance of it getting a release here though.

A VJ series appeals to me a lot more than most anime shows/films.
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Joji 2 Sep 2004 14:37
I guess it's success is down to if it gets licensed for the u.s, and how well it does there if it's picked up.

I'd say the chances are high since, Capcom have also a Megaman series running (or finished) in the u.s. We'll see.
Deviluck 2 Sep 2004 18:52
lol such a silly idea, but i think it may do well, if the execute it well.
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