Steel Battalion goes online! Massive joystick to rise again

Capcom’s impressive E3 line-up laced with surprises.

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Steel Battalion goes online! Massive joystick to rise again
Well, if you’d just shelled out over a ton on joystick, you’d expect to be able to use it with more than one game wouldn’t you?

This being the case, Capcom’s US office has today announced its E3 line-up for this year, in what is becoming an alarmingly regular occurrence on the run up to the show. That aside, one of the surprise games on the list is the tentatively-named Steel Battalion Online for Xbox.

Also of note is Maximo Vs Army of Zin, a follow up to the firm’s popular Maximo platformer of last year.

The list in full:

Dino Crisis 3 (Xbox)
Resident Evil: Dead Aim (PS2)
Viewtiful Joe (GCN)
Chaos Legion (PS2)
Mega Man Network Transmission (GCN)
Mega Man Battle Network White (GBA)
Mega Man Battle Network Blue (GBA)
Mega Man X7 (PS2)
Resident Evil 4 (GCN)
Resident Evil Code Veronica X (GCN)
Bombastic (PS2)
Killer 7 (GCN)
Resident Evil Outbreak (working title) (PS2)
Maximo vs. Army of Zin (PS2)
Gotcha Force (GCN)
Disney's Aladdin (GBA)
Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey and Minnie (GBA)
Mega Man Zero 2 (GBA)
Onimusha Tactics (GBA)
Onimusha 3 (PS2)
Onimusha Blade Warriors (PS2)
Group S Challenge (Xbox)
Steel Battalion Online (working title) (Xbox)
Pro Cast Sports Fishing (Xbox)

You may also notice that there is no mention of Capcom Fighting All-Stars, leading us to believe that the project is well and truly canned.


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