Capcom Releases First Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Video

With a survival horror twist.

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Capcom Releases First Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Video
Capcom Germany sneakily kicked out a video of Lost Planet 3 yesterday, showing off gameplay for the very first time. And you don't need to understand German to see that the game is looking decidedly Dead Space in nature.

Lost Planet 3 is being developed by Legendary developer Spark Unlimited, which has caused a bit of controversy due to the fact that Legendary was... well... a bit crap. The gameplay footage captures a stark change in atmosphere and tone from the first two Lost Planet games - which may either quell fears or compound them.

Watch it below - and as a bonus, if you can understand German, you get to see a lot of lovely-looking local games press waxing lyrical about the game too. Clearly, beards are in season for the German games industry. Clean-shaven Moritz Wanke doesn't play by the rules though. Go on, son. Rage against the machine!



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