SNK Vs Capcom Chaos

Joyous Joysticks! More 2D scrapping action on the way.

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SNK Vs Capcom Chaos
SNK Vs Capcom Chaos has been unveiled at E3. For the devout disciples of 2D combat, this was the announcement they'd all been waiting for. So far, only the video has been shown, but it's looking mighty fine nonetheless. The showiest element of the demo was, rather surprisingly, the intro. This strategy, however, was enough to get many fans quivering with excitement.

Playmore has taken the Neo-Geo game back to its roots. Unlike Capcom's previous interpretation of the games, the SNK-led SVC looks like it will be in traditional one-on-one form. The SNK characters have mostly been ported over from King of Fighters '96, whilst Capcom's Street Fighter 2 characters have been redrawn to match that style. There's hardcore arcade authenticity seeping from every pore.

SVC Chaos is shaping up to be a classic. That attention-grabbing intro will draw crowds of eager arcadeers to the machine, and the infinitely refined retro-gameplay will keep them there. If development continues along these lines, even the most loyal SNK/Capcom purists will find little to fault.


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