Bonus Capcom Vs SNK disc for Dreamcast. Publisher needed!

Why those Japanese! They get all the good stuff...

Posted by Staff
Bonus Capcom Vs SNK disc for Dreamcast. Publisher needed!
Capcom of Japan has announced that it will be including a bonus disc in the Dreamcast version of Capcom Vs SNK 2 for all those lucky Japanese gamers.

The disc will be called Capcom Fighting Fan Disc and will feature artwork from 19 Capcom Dreamcast fighting games. It will also contain various saves to download to your VMU. Capcom has not stated if the bonus disc will be made available outside of Japan.

More worrying is the fact that Capcom has yet to decide the fate of the European Dreamcast version of this hotly anticipated fighter. Though the company exclusively revealed to us that it would not be publishing the Dreamcast version, it took delivery of a beta version of the game last week. We were told that this was to serve two purposes. It would act as a preview for the PlayStation 2 release and would be shown to other prospective publishers.

The PlayStation 2 version, it would appear, is not yet in playable form.


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