Resident Evil 6 Out Early - Naughtiness Abounds

When retailers go baaaaaaad.

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Resident Evil 6 Out Early - Naughtiness Abounds
Resident Evil 6 (previewed here) is not supposed to be in the shops until October 2nd. But it is in the shops...

Well, according to a post on Neogaf, the game is available in Poland well ahead of time.

"Fact number one: today is the 31st of August. Fact number two: the official retail release of Resident Evil 6 is set for the 2nd of October. Fact number three (the most epic of all): Somebody broke the space-time continuum and put up RE6 for sale today! And it's no lie.

"A certain shop in Poznań had something for sale that appeared to be an authentic retail copy of Resident Evil 6, in Polish to boot. One may or may not believe in miracles, but we decided to believe and bought it. Lo and behold, it turned out to be the real thing!"

That as we say over here is "Well naughty".

Source: Neogaf


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