Viewtiful Joe 2 artwork ignites imagination

Cartoon rebirth set for Christmas

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Capcom Japan has released the first snippets from the art desk of the Viewtiful Joe 2 team for you perusal.

As you can see, there is a certain sassiness to the second instalment in the series, with a heavy emphasis on Joe's ladyfriend - a playable character in co-op mode from the start of the game.

Speaking to Famitsu, series producer Atsushi Inaba mentioned that both GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions will be identical in every respect, scuppering talk of Internet play on the Sony machine. The question has also come to light as to why no Xbox version will be made available, at least in the US and Europe.

We'll bring you updates from VJ2, as we get them, as well as impressions from E3.


Joji 22 Apr 2004 12:48
Excellent stuff. NEWSFLASH!! the first VJ will be getting released on PS2 in the fall in japan. Hurrah, spread the viewtiful love.
ohms 22 Apr 2004 15:10

What is it with this site and their tiny screens ?!?

People don't have desktops on 640x480 anymore, tiny screenshots aren't gonna ignite anyones imagination !!
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btnheazy03 22 Apr 2004 22:51
i completely agree. with the tiny screens i mean. spong's screenshots are so f*ckin' tiny i have to use a magnifying glass to see it clearly. bandwith-conscious cheapskates! gamespot does a better job with games media, IMO.
Rod Todd 26 Apr 2004 19:40
btnheazy03 wrote:

>i completely agree. with the tiny screens i mean.
>spong's screenshots are so f*ckin' tiny i have to
>use a magnifying glass to see it clearly.
>bandwith-conscious cheapskates! gamespot does a
>better job with games media, IMO.

And with a multi-million dollar budget, of course.

As far as I can tell, SPonG's pretty much an enthusiast site, not part of some big dot-com corporation like CNet.

I agree that they need bigger screenshots, but I think they might have to be bandwidth conscious because they don't charge to view their content like game-spot do (for some of it at least).
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