Capcom Updates Latest Release Schedule

Big names dated.

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Capcom?s release schedule for the next several months is looking monstrously well-endowed after the latest update on its official website. Although the dates provided are the official US dates, us euro-blighters shouldn?t have to wait too long. It's highly unlikely that PAL conversions would be too far behind, as Capcom won?t want to miss out on the inevitable Christmas buying frenzy. Alongside a fresh platter of Mega Man adventures and the return of classics like Street Fighter 2, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, Capcom are also offering a tempting selection of brand new IP's in the run up to the festive period. Shadow of Rome is generating a good deal of excitement, and Monster Hunter and Capcom Fighting Jam are sure to find plenty of homes when they eventually hit the shelves.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of a Viewtiful Joe 2 release date, and no mention of a PS2 version of Killer 7. That?s not to say that these projects have been canned, but they are unlikely to appear anytime before next spring.

Here?s the stateside Capcom schedule in full:

Mega Man Anniversary Collection
22/06/04 (PS2, GC) Autumn 2004 (GBA)

Mega Man Battle Network 4-Red Sun
28/06/04 (GBA)

Mega Man Battle Network-Blue Moon
28/06/04 (GBA)

Crimson Tears
July 2004 (PS2)

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
July 2004 (PS2) September 2004 (Xbox)

Way of the Samurai 2
06/07/04 (PS2)

Mega Man Zero 3
October 2004 (GBA)

Under The Skin
Autumn 2004 (PS2)

Mickey's Magical Quest 3
Autumn 2004 (GBA)

Monster Hunter
Sept 2004 (PS2)

Viewtiful Joe
September 2004 PS2)

Mega Man X Command Mission
September 2004 (PS2, GC)

Disney's Aladdin
29/09/04 (GBA)

Mega Man X8
November 2004 (PS2)

Shadow of Rome
November 2004 (PS2)

Resident Evil 4
November 2004 (GC)

Devil May Cry 3
December 2004 (PS2)

Capcom Fighting Jam
February 2005 (Xbox)

Killer 7
February 2005 (GC)


mrnull 9 Jun 2004 13:57
Rawk on Capcom!

I don't know which title I'm more excited about. I'll definately pick up Fighting Jam (LIVE?) or Street Fighter Aniversary. Nothings better than a Capcom 2D fighter.

RE4 is looking great (It needed a new camera), as has been Killer 7. I only wish I had a PS2 so I could enjoy the bizarre worlds of Crimson Tears and Under the Skin. It's just amazing how Capcom can pull of innovative, cool, cartoony, and psycotic; many times in the same game.

For anyone who doesn't remember, Aladdin is a QUALITY platformer.
Joji 9 Jun 2004 14:10
I'll be having a Capcom Christmas then. All these games to choose from, and all from one developer. Bloody mental.

Yes I remember Aladdin on snes and md and it was a good game. I enjoyed the snes version a lot but both were good. I expect it's a SNES-GBA port. Lookin forward to Megaman Zero 3 on GBA and Fighting Jam, and well ....all of these games really.

Thanks Capcom, we luv ya.
Alan is my first name 10 Jun 2004 01:39
Hey, there is no 22nd month...wait, hold on...

Ah...I get it! You silly Brits.
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