Virtual Console Gets Kidnap Fetish

It's F-F-F-Friday!

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Virtual Console Gets Kidnap Fetish
Yup, it's that time of week again. Nintendo gets a bit of a kidnapping fixation this week with Final Fight, Mighty Bomb Jack and Battle Lode Runner all out on Virtual Console.

In Capcom's Final Fight it's your daughter who's been kidnapped. Sounds like bad news, eh? Well, fortunately you're the mayor of Metro City, so you don't worry too much about the law applying to you when this sort of thing crops up. Even more fortunately, you're a former wrestler. SPOnG knows what you're thinking, and we're also wondering if a certain muscle-bound governor of California ever played this, too... Originally released on the SNES, Final Fight is Street Fighter's cousin, taking place in the same universe. 500 Wii points is what it'll cost you.

Mighty Bomb Jack, originally developed by Tecmo, ramps up the stakes even further. This time it's the royal family that's been kidnapped, and by a demon called Belzebut, no less! Don't worry, though. You're on the case as Jack, using your special powers to side scroll your way to victory. Originally released on the NES 15 years ago, Mighty Bomb Jack will drain your virtual pocket of 500 Wii Points.

Last up is Battle Lode Runner from HudsonSoft, which... doesn't have anything to do with kidnapping, to be perfectly honest. It's all about greed. Originally released on the Turbografx, Battle Lode Runner sets you the challenge of lining your capitalist, materialistic pockets by collecting gold. It features both a platform-puzzle mode and five-way multiplayer. Also thrown in for good measure is a level editor. It'll set you back 600 Wii points.

This week's three releases set Virtual Console's running total to 78 available titles.


soanso 27 Apr 2007 00:31
I always wanted Final Fight Snes. Never did get around to getting it (If you don't want to count downloading the rom, oh and the arcade rom!!!!)
RiseFromYourGrave 27 Apr 2007 19:33
werent a couple of console-only final fight sequels released? never played them, probably toss
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