Players may cry

A poor financial turnout for Capcom in 2002, means 18 projects have been canned. Dishonour!

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Tekki - Not coming to UK?
Tekki - Not coming to UK?
In what has to be proof that justice on this earth is a myth, Capcom has suffered poor financial performance, by our very own hands. Yes, you read that right - it's all our own fault.

Due to people like us not buying games like Resident Evil 0, the seriously under-appreciated Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter and Product Number 03, Capcom has seen to resolve the issue by canning 18 of it's up and coming titles.


Unfortunately, none of these titles have been confirmed, but latest net
speculation is already targeting Tekki Online - that's Steel Battalions
online to us Euro folk - as one of the first victims of our inaction.

Stay tuned.


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