Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter Sells Nearly 2m Units

Tales of Graces F sells impressive numbers, but didn't have a chance.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunter Sells Nearly 2m Units
Monster Hunter is a incredibly popular series in Japan. But even the most hardcore believer in the franchise has to be taken aback by the sheer selling power of the latest PSP adventure, Portable 3rd - in its first week on store shelves it has shifted close to 2 million units.

Capcom’s battle game has appropriately smashed the Japanese Video Game Chart wide open (via 4gamer, 29th November - 5th December 2010), a more than comfortable #1 win.

1 Monster Hunter Portable 3rd – Capcom (PSP) – 1,950,717 / NEW
2 Tales of Graces F – Namco Bandai (PS3) – 215,187 / NEW
3 Mario Sports Mix – Nintendo (Wii) – 59,007
4 Mario vs Donkey Kong Totsugeki! Mini Land – Nintendo (DS) – 57,474 / NEW
5 Gran Turismo 5 – SCEJ (PS3) – 55,682
6 Pokemon Black/Pokemon White – Pokemon Company (DS) – 54,848
7 Super Mario Collection Special Pack – Nintendo (Wii) – 45,904
8 Momotaro Dentatsu World – Hudson (DS) – 45,126 / NEW
9 Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Os – Namco Bandai (PSP) – 36,856 / NEW
10 Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Os – Namco Bandai (Wii) – 35,132 / NEW

Namco Bandai’s latest Tales RPG, an update of Wii adventure Graces, came nowhere close to Monster Hunter despite performing very well indeed in its debut week. 215,187 units still points to a winning formula. Other new entries to the Top 10 includes a new Mario vs Donkey Kong game at #4, Hudson’s Momotaro Dentatsu World at #8 and the PSP and Wii versions of Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Os taking the rear.

Last week’s #1, Gran Turismo 5, has plummeted down to #5 after selling over 55,000 units this time around. Although it seems that most of Japan’s car nuts have already bought the game, its competent second-week sales seem to indicate that it could have something of a tail on it.


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