Japanese Video Game Chart: Catherine Sexes Her Way to the Top

Marvel vs Capcom 3 settles for second.

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Japanese Video Game Chart: Catherine Sexes Her Way to the Top
The sexy allure of Catherine is too much for the average Japanese gamer to resist, as the Persona team's first HD adventure game has shot straight to the top of the video game chart in the country (courtesy Media Create, vis 4gamer). The PS3 version has sold nearly a whopping 142,000 units at #1, while the Xbox 360 version debuts at #7 with nearly 22,000 units sold.

1 Catherine Atlus (PS3) 141,826 / NEW
2 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Capcom (PS3) 67,187 / NEW
3 Samurai Warriors 3Z Tecmo Koei (PS3) 58,089
4 Monster Hunter Freedom 3 Capcom (PSP) 39,727
5 Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 Namco Bandai (PSP) 26,504
6 Two Worlds 2 Ubisoft (PS3) 24,324 / NEW
7 Catherine Atlus (360) 21,936 / NEW
8 Marvel vs Capcom 3 Capcom (360) 13,779 / NEW
9 Haku Ouki Zuisouroku DS Idea Factory (DS) 13,373 / NEW
10 Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Capcom (DS) 13,186

It headlines a week of popular new releases for the Japanese market, with Marvel vs Capcom 3 also performing well in its first few days on sale. Again, both the PS3 and 360 versions appeared in the Top 10 - the former reached #2 and the latter #8. Western role-playing effort Two Worlds 2 landed at a respectable #6 and Idea Factory's Haku Ouki Zuisouroku DS reached #9.

You'd think that having two PS3 titles in the top two spots in the software chart would result in a boost for your hardware, right? Well no, as Sony's console actually suffers a small dip in sales over last week's numbers. The PSP-3000 comes back down to earth after an astonishing week's sales, but it seems some of that magic has rubbed off on the PSP Go, which has rocketed from 107 units to 2,487.

Hardware Chart - Home Console
PS3: 25,242 (26,766)
Wii: 12,221 (15,028)
360: 2,183 (2,118)
PS2: 1,863 (1,665)

Hardware Chart - Handheld
PSP: 63,330 (106,893)
DSi LL: 10,037 (12,069)
DSi: 8,022 (10,039)
PSP Go: 2,487 (107)
DS Lite: 973 (1,003)


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